Meet the cast of Ghana Jollof

24 November 2021

Meet the cast of Ghana Jollof

In Ghana Jollof, Showmax’s first comedy original in West Africa, a group of guys – three Nigerian and one Ghanaian – meet in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and develop a friendship that will set the course of their adult lives. Kweko (played by James Gardiner), Romanus (Akah Nnani), Jasper (Funnybone) and Nnamdi (Uzor Arukwe) all come from unique backgrounds and have different struggles.

Kweko the Ghanaian’s problems centre around matters of the heart. Romanus and Jasper’s poor backgrounds limit their potential; they journey to Ghana searching for greener pasture. Meanwhile, Nnamdi aka Namo is faking it until he makes it.

The show explores the uniqueness of being Nigerian and Ghana and is brought to life by a star-studded cast featuring seasoned Ghanaian actors and Nigerian comedy veterans. Let’s meet them.

James Gardiner is Kweko

James Gardiner is Kweku in Ghana Jollof on Showmax

Known for his role in Akwaaba Magic’s Dede, James Gardiner plays Kweko, one of the principal Ghanaian characters on the show. He’s the ultimate sweet boy: rich, handsome and foreign. He left Ghana for UNILAG because of a girl. But who wouldn’t, have you seen her?

Funnybone is Jasper

Funnybone is Jasper in Ghana Jollof on Showmax

Born Stanley Chibunna, Funnybone is a Nigerian standup comedian who wears many caps. He is a former dancer, actor and TV host. He rose to fame through Opa William’s legendary Nights of Thousand Laughs comedy show. Chibunna has equally found success as an actor and clinched the Best Actor in Comedy award at the 2020 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award.

FunnyBone plays Jasper on Ghana Jollof, an ITK and self-titled first-class graduate who won’t stop moaning about his supposed intelligence and academic success.

Akah Nnani is Romanus

Akah Nnani is Romanus in Ghana Jollof on Showmax

Akah Nnani is one of Nigeria’s top YouTubers. If you don’t follow his Akah Bants channel, you surely follow the more popular Akah and Claire, the couple channel he runs with his wife. Nnani is also known for his comedic roles in Nollywood blockbusters, Omo Ghetto: The Final Saga and Banana Island Ghost.

He plays Romanus, a happy-go-lucky guy who just wants to enjoy life. He’s the simpler of the four, although his life is anything but simple.

Uzor Arukwe is Namo

The fourth of the boys, Uzor Arukwe plays Nnamdi, aka Namo, an Igbo guy who acts hip and current. But like the rest of the boys, he’s faking it. Nollywood fans remember Arukwe for Knight, his gangster character in the 2019 blockbuster Sugar Rush; he brings that bravado here but lightly.

Basketmouth is Boniface and Buchi is Mambo

Basketmouth is Boniface in Ghana Jollof on Showmax
Buchi is Mambo in Ghana Jollof on Showmax

This duo needs no introduction. Basketmouth and Buchi are two powerhouses in Nigeria comedy. They have blessed us with charming buddy comedies like My Flatmates and Papa Benji. Ghana Jollof is the latest. They play Boniface and Mambo, respectively — two Naija hustlers in Ghana.

Jacinta Ocansey

Jacinta Ocansey is Mabel Ghana Jollof Showmax

Jacinta Ocansey is perhaps most suited for a comedy that intersects Naija and Ghana Culture. Ocansey was born and raised in Nigeria; she went to Ghana for her tertiary education and settled there. Her road to stardom is connected to another cast member, Buchi, who platformed her and was impressed by her performance so much he told her she could make it anywhere. She plays Mabel, Kweko’s ex and soon-to-be Romanus’s girlfriend.

Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas is Abena in Ghana Jollof on Showmax

Joselyn Dumas has done it all. Film producer. Award winner. Movie star. TV star. One of the few Ghanaian actors to succeed in her home country and Nollywood. Dumas currently plays Felicia, an archetype of Nollywood’s wicked stepmother on Dede.

In Ghana Jollof, she plays Abina, a fashionable career-driven woman with eyes for Gardiner’s Kweko.

Watch Ghana Jollof only on Showmax, new episodes drop every Friday.

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