Meet the cast of the hit drama series Kina

28 August 2020

Meet the cast of the hit drama series Kina

Kenyan drama series Kina is one of the most intriguing shows on Kenyan television right now. Kina follows the ruthless battle for survival between the wealthy and powerful and the downtrodden who toil for the rich but reap nothing from their hard work. 

Get to know more about the actors behind all characters you have come to love … or hate … on this drama series from Maisha Magic, now streaming on Showmax.

Sanaipei Tande as Nana Tandala

Sanaipei Tande in Kina S1 on Showmax

Singer-songwriter Sanaipei Tande plays the unscrupulous businesswoman Nana Tandala, the owner of the lucrative water company Kina Waters. Nana is a woman who believes only in winning, even if she has to kill to achieve it.

Previous roles: Auntie Boss, Varshita, Aziza

Jimmi Gathu as Fred Tandala

Married to Nana Tandala, Jimmi Gathu’s Fred Tandala is the Deputy Inspector General of Police, a man of the law who apparently cannot keep his ambitious, murderous wife in check.

Previous roles: Rafiki, State House

Bruce Makau as Jabali

Bruce Makau is Jabali, Nana Tandala’s nephew and her right-hand man who’s loyal to a fault and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to do Nana’s bidding.

Previous roles: Ma’Empress, Monica

Arabron Nyyneque as Daudi Mwakazi

Arabron Nyyneque plays hard-working and loyal family man Daudi Mwakazi whose discovery of a secret water source turns tragic at the hands of Nana Tandala. It’s a short-lived but pivotal role that sets the stage for the drama and intrigues in Kina.

Previous roles: Kona, Mother-in-Law

Alyce Wangari as Bella Mwakazi

Alyce Wangari is Bella Mwakazi, the fearless daughter of Daudi Mwakazi and a thorn in Nana Tandala’s flesh. Bella believes that her father’s death was no accident and will not rest until she finds justice, even if she has to face the powerful Nana head-on.

Previous roles: Lusala (coming to Showmax in October)

Cindy Kahuha as Zuri

Cindy Kahuha plays Nana Tandala’s daughter Zuri, a young woman who despite her efforts, cannot escape her mother’s clutches when it comes to choosing the man she loves.

Previous roles: Country Queen, Ensulo

Carol Midimo as Mary Mwakazi

Carol Midimo plays Mary Mwakazi, the prayerful wife of Daudi Mwakazi, a woman who’s been moulded by suffering and who always turns to the bible when things get tough.

Previous roles: Lusala, Makutano Junction, Country Queen, Promises

Maina wa Ndungu as Izzy

Izzy is the kind of guy who would surrender his month’s salary to help the woman he loves. In his case, it’s Bella Mwakazi, but he’s too shy to make a move until Jabali comes along.

Previous roles: Promises, Nganya

Moses Kiema as Jonah Mwakazi aka Leftie

Jonah Mwakazi aka Leftie is Daudi Mwakazi’s son, the black sheep of the family who loves causing trouble and lazing around just as much as he loves his alcohol.

Lydia Gitachu as Redempta

Redempta is the Tandala’s loyal housekeeper and the mother of Leo.

Previous roles: Kidnapped, Promises

Bryan Kabugi as Leo

Rising young actor Bryan Kabugi delivers a show-stealing performance as Leo, the opportunistic, lazy son of Redempta and Zuri’s secret lover whose end comes too soon when he decides to blackmail Nana Tandala after acquiring evidence that could bring her down.

Previous roles: Machachari, Dream Child

Ainea Ojiambo as Detective Juma

Ainea Ojiambo is the corrupt Detective Juma, Nana Tandala’s inside man in the police force who’s always eager to bend the law to her will as long as he’s paid for it.

Previous roles: The First Grader, Nairobi Half Life, Makutano Junction, Fundi-Mentals

Pierra Makena as Professor Sharon Achieng

The latest addition to the cast of Kina, popular DJ and actress Pierra Makena plays Professor Sharon Achieng, a highly successful woman and a go-getter with a natural flair for drawing attention. But beneath the surface, she’s a conniving woman who’s determined to swallow the Tandala household and have Fred Tandala for herself.

Previous roles: Disconnect, When Love Comes Around

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Other cast members include Ann Stela Karimi as Trish, Fiona Ashley Katulu as Carol, Anthony Ashioya as Albo, Joyce Kiala as Hope Mwakazi, Basil Ndaraya Mungua as Kwame Tandala, Naomi Mburu as Cindy, Charles Kiarie as Lwanga Ole Kina and Andrew Warui as Arthur.

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