Meet the cast of Skemerdans

28 April 2021

Meet the cast of Skemerdans

Skemerdans, the Cape Flats neo-noir series, is now streaming exclusively on Showmax. The world of The Oasis is peopled by some of South Africa’s most esteemed talents, alongside a few rising stars. Meet the actors behind the characters.

Glenn Fortune – Kevin Smith

The head of the Fortune family and someone an entire community looks up to as a visionary and a man of the people. But Glenn is not all he seems to be. His 23-year marriage to Shireen, for one, is not a picture of perfection and his own dark deeds have followed him for years. 

Glenn is played by SAFTA winner Kevin Smith, best known as Frank Xavier on Isidingo and Andy Willemse on Egoli. 

A fighter by nature, someone who has never had anything handed to her. Together, Shireen and her husband Glenn built the Oasis, a beacon on the Cape Town entertainment scene. For the best of two decades, it was the spot of choice for the who’s-who: from cultural icons to sports stars, businessmen to politicians, even seedy underworld bosses. The Oasis was the place to be and Shireen, as much as her husband, built it from the ground up. 

Shireen is played by SAFTA winner Ilse Klink, best known as Vanessa Booysens on Isidingo, who has also starred in Stroomop, Arendsvlei and Lockdown. 

Mercia Fortune – Vinette Ebrahim

The matriarch of the mighty Fortune family. Fair and just in her dealings, she is a woman who always sees reason and is beloved in her community. However, her loyalty ultimately lies with her blood – she will do anything to protect her kin. 

Mercia is played by SAFTA nominee Vinette Ebrahim, who’s best known as everyone’s favourite aunty, 7de Laan’s Charmaine Beukes, but has also starred in the likes of Binnelanders, Swirl and Barakat. 

Trevor Fortune – Brendon Daniels 

The second eldest of the Fortune brothers and a fish out of water in the nightclub business. Trevor wants to prove he’s more than just the straight-laced family man and that he can swim with the sharks. 

Trevor is played by SAFTA winner Brendon Daniels, best known as Farakhan in the multi-award-winning Four Corners, who’s also starred in the likes of Sara se Geheim and Arendsvlei.  

Warren Fortune – Ceagan Arendse

A fast-talking wheeler-dealer and showman with a gambling problem, danger is a constant companion for Warren. Never having been made to take responsibility for his actions, his family has always come to his aid and rescued him from trouble. Warren is the youngest of the three Fortune brothers and when we meet him it’s clear that his luck has run out. 

Warren is played by Ceagan Arendse (Suidooster, Arendsvlei), who tragically passed away in February 2021. 

Jessie Fortune – Trudy van Rooy

The princess of the Fortune family empire, the magnetic Jessie returns home after four years abroad to a celebratory welcome. An independent and beautiful free spirit, when she walks into a room, heads turn. She loves ferociously and passionately to fill a void left by a dark teenage past, which was the reason for her leaving for London in the first place. 

Jessie is played by rising star Trudy van Rooy, who’s been in everything from Die Byl to Slot, Sara se Geheim to Projek Dina recently. 

Bonita Fortune – Carmen Maarman

Bonita wanted to be somebody, but instead, all she became was Trevor Fortune’s wife. Frustrated with the hand she’s been dealt, she needs her husband to stand up for himself and for them to move out from under the suffocating grip of her mother-in-law, Mercia. 

Bonita is played by Carmen Maarman, whom theatre fans will instantly recognise from her scene-stealing roles in Aunty Merle, the Musical and District Six, and TV fans will recognise from Arendsvlei and Getroud Met Rugby. 

Chanel Adonis – Kim Syster

Attracted to the finer things in life, Chanel has come from nothing and she’ll be damned if she is ever going to go back there. She met the father of her child, Warren, the Fortune bad boy, at age 19. They immediately swirled into a Bonnie and Clyde, ride-or-die kind of love: high on both passion and dysfunction. All Chanel wants to do is dance: it’s been her ticket from nothing and hopefully what will put her name in bright lights. Her relationship with Warren is a constant dance with danger but Chanel is willing to take any risk in order to live the life she thinks she deserves.

Chanel is played by Kim Syster (Binnelanders, Suidooster), best known as Dr Jax Davids in Binnelanders and Shahieda Williams in Suidooster. 

Bradley Isaacs – Mbulelo Grootboom

Head of security at the Oasis, Bradley has been best friends with owner Glenn Fortune since they were kids. Bradley found a de facto family within the Fortune clan. He and Glenn were always each other’s protectors, with Bradley stepping into the role more formally by becoming Glenn’s bodyguard. 

Bradley is played by Fleur du Cap winner Mbulelo Grootboom. Best known as Sisanda in Sara Se Geheim, he’s also starred in the likes of Projek Dina and Suidooster.  

Nathan Da Silva – Alistair Izobell

Skemerdans is a Showmax Original
Alistair Izobell as Nathan

The front of house manager at the Oasis, Nathan has been the first face people meet when they come to the club for twenty years. The Oasis is as much a part of him as he is of it. Nathan is the life and the energy of the club, the flamboyant pulse for which this timeless establishment became known, although he becomes increasingly irrelevant and out-of-touch as the forces around the Oasis darken.

Nathan is played by legendary Cape Town muso Alistair Izobell. 

Denver Carelse – Danny Ross

A regular ladies’ man, Denver takes life as it comes. He hasn’t quite found his path in life but is enjoying the high-speed ride. A barman at the Oasis and a car enthusiast in his free time, Denver has a thing for beautiful women. 

Denver is played by Danny Ross, best known as Nathan Koopman in Arendsvlei, Jerome October in Suidooster, and Emmie in Nommer 37. 

Melanie Samuels – Ann Juries-May

Die girl hettie op haar bek gevallie. Melanie is a small-town girl with big-city dreams, and this is exactly why she moved from Vredendal to live with her aunt in Athlone and work as a waitress at the Oasis. Headstrong and unafraid to get her hands dirty, she lets nothing stand in her way of getting things done. 

Melanie is played by Ann Juries-May, best known as Claudia Cupido in Arendsvlei. 

Charlie Ncgobo – Sanda Shandu

Born too late to a world that doesn’t understand good music – or so he thinks – Charlie is a deep jazz enthusiast just waiting for his big break. As the resident musical director at the Oasis, he is self-taught and could never fit into the pretentious and exclusive world of the young jazz elite. He gigs around in hope of the right people hearing him and helping him to get onto the stages of the world. A bit of a nerd, Charlie is not exactly a ladies’ man and his attempts to impress Melanie always fall flat. He’s an underdog whose ambitions are clearly beyond the scope of the Oasis.

Charlie is played by Fleur du Cap winner Sanda Shandu, best known as Randy in The Kissing Booth 1 and 2. 

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