Mercy and Ike: “Why are they all in our business?”

30 June 2020

Mercy and Ike: “Why are they all in our business?”

It is the AMVCA 2020 weekend, movie stars and celebrities from all over Africa are converging at Lagos to celebrate the past movie year. This edition is Mercy and Ike’s first, and the star couple is making a statement. Mercy, in particular, wants to scoop the new Best Dressed award. She teamed up with celebrity stylist Swanky for an over-the-top yet elegant look, and unsurprisingly, she won.

“I feel good walking the red carpet with my team; it’s awesome,” she tells the camera. “I’m a showstopper. I love wearing daring outfits, so that was it for me, and I won Best Dressed.”

Ike’s family call a meeting

Away from the glitz and glamour of the AMVCA, the couple’s underlying issues remain unsolved. Ike’s Aunty Cleo arranges a family meeting. “I called the meeting because there’s a lot of issues going on social media about Ike and Mercy,” Aunty Cleo says. “It hasn’t given me joy and peace, so I decided to tell Uncle Charles and his wife that we need to sit down and find out from Ikenna what we are hearing and seeing on social media, and talk it over as a family.”

Some members of the family see Mercy in Ike’s future; others want him to move on because the insult has gotten too much (Ike’s family were called gold-diggers). As a family, they agree it’s high time they invited Mercy and her family for a sit-down to decide on the couple’s future.

Mercy is not amused

Mercy doesn’t find any of this appealing. She feels Ike’s family is intrusive. “Is it a meeting [where] we tell them how we sleep at night?” she asks him sarcastically. He tries to explain, but she isn’t having any of it. “I don’t want to sound rude or disrespectful, but this is fucking bull,” she curses. “Why are they all in our business? I have a family, right? Has any of my family called you?”

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Family intrusion is not helping their situation at the moment. Find out what happens in the next episode of Mercy and Ike on Showmax on Sunday straight after it airs on Africa Magic Showcase.

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