Mercy & Ike: “You don’t move into a woman’s house in Nigeria!”

4 May 2020

Mercy & Ike: “You don’t move into a woman’s house in Nigeria!”

On the latest episode of Mercy & Ike, the new reality show from Africa Magic that follows BBNaija lovebirds Lambo Mercy and Ike Onyeama is set against the backdrop of Mercy’s housewarming party.

The couple plans on living together, but the problem is who’s going to move in with whom? Ike wants to move in with Mercy, and it’s the more logical choice, given she just got a new house. But his cousin and namesake, Ikechukwu, says it is wrong

“First, it is wrong moving into a lady’s apartment when you guys aren’t married yet,” Ikechukwu says. But his tone changes when Ike talks about Mercy moving in with him: “It’s understandable, we are in Africa.”

All of the rules and supposed African-ness worry Ike, who grew up in the more liberal United States. Later, he and Mercy have a tête-à-tête on the matter, he talks about his shortcomings and asks her if she is ready to overlook them and live with him. She replies sheepishly, “Yeah, I told you I love you.” However, the couple still has concerns about moving in together. Ike suggests “putting on a ring on it” before they do.

But before that, they had what’s becoming a constant in their relationship – accusations of flirting with other people. Mercy shows Ike’s aunt a picture of him and another girl looking all cozy! But like their previous arguments on the same subject, they settle it quickly and move on.

For more drama from our favourite tumultuous couple, catch the latest episode of Mercy & Ike on Showmax on Sunday nights, straight after it airs on Africa Magic Showcase.

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