Mercy and Ike: “You know I always come back”

3 June 2020

Mercy and Ike: “You know I always come back”

The latest episode of Mercy and Ike, now streaming on Showmax, opens with a bitter Ike discussing ending the relationship, with his cousin Pascal, and ends with him drinking pepper soup with Mercy.

Ike tells Pascal he is tired of the drama, feels used and has revenge on his mind. But their conversation encourages him to make things right with Mercy, so he visits her.

At Mercy’s, the couple finally has the talk they have been avoiding. Check it out.

Mercy reveals that the drama from social media has affected not just the relationship but her mental health. “Now I know why so many celebrities or people do drugs or go into depression,” she says. “I feel like it got to a point where I just felt like sleeping because I felt like if I sleep, everything will be fine.”

“This talk was really important,” Ike says. “I was feeling there was no hope so this little talk was really helpful.”

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Mercy says she will be seeing a therapist, and her boyfriend assures her he will support her through it all. They seem happier and more supportive of each other, just like they were before the drama.

Catch new episodes of Mercy and Ike on Showmax every Sunday straight after they air on Africa Magic Showcase.

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