Move over, Evodia, there’s a new ‘madame’ in town

22 October 2019

Move over, Evodia, there’s a new ‘madame’ in town

Remember when Evodia Mogase and her daughter Mercy walked off the set during the Real Housewives of Johannesburg reunion? Threatening never to come back? Yoh, we were left wondering if there would be a second season with Madame, the Queen of Versace! Like … how, even?

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The new crew of housewives, including Brinette and Cristall who have returned, were BRINGING it in episode 1 of the new season of RHOJ.

Warning: ** SPOILERS AHEAD ** (stream the episode)

Speaking of Brinette and Christall, they kick off the season with matching divorces. Brinette has been pretty public about the domestic abuse she says occurred during the five months after her white wedding last season.

But the wounds are still fresh, and newcomer Lethabo sommer dived right in there with the uncomfortable questions during a mani session at 27pinkx with Brinette and Jojo. The blonde queen has no filter, like at all. Remind you of someone?

Lethabz has some serious competition in the diva big leagues though, with Tarina taking the cake for the most over-the-top house in Housewives history. She also has no worries wearing real fur.

Most OMG comments this episode, ma-dahling, go to…

Tarina, for telling us, “I do not have a 9-5; I don’t know what that is. I see it around me, I believe it exists, but I have no personal interaction or personal experience of it.”

Later in the episode, Lebo aka JoJo is making comments about Christall’s “lazy eye”. Like, girl, don’t just say the first thing that pops into your head without thinking about it first. Or do, we don’t know. We’re just here for the drama!

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