12 April 2024

Must-watch AMVCA-nominated shows on Showmax

The anticipation is building for the 10th Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs) happening in Lagos, Nigeria in May 2024.

The AMVCAs have been hailed as the premium awards for filmmakers in Africa, recognising outstanding achievements in the African film and TV industry. The awards are also renowned for their Pan-African outlook that celebrates the best East African, Southern African and West African movies.

Showmax is the best place to watch some of the acclaimed titles vying for top honours at the upcoming milestone award shows, including Showmax Nigeria originals Wura, which received two nominations in two categories — Best Writing TV Series and Best Scripted Series — and The Real Housewives of Lagos, which is up for Best Unscripted Series. 

Here are some of the AMVCA-nominated shows you can watch on Showmax. 

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 – Best Unscripted Series

Glamour, influence and drama are some of the words that come to mind when RHOLagos comes up. And we are always here for it! 

Building on the success of the previous season, The Real Housewives of Lagos S2 throws in a few new names to spice up the drama, including Tania Omotayo and Faith Morey. The drama is relentless, and it’s only fair that the show, for the second year running, earns a nod in an AMVCA category. 

Wura – Best Writing TV Series, Best Scripted Series

The second season of the critically acclaimed series builds on the success of the first, taking us deeper into the world of Iperindo as well as the life of Wura-Amoo Adeleke, a woman of unwavering resolve and boundless ambition. 

Wura continues her journey as she navigates the treacherous waters of family politics, corporate intrigue, and personal sacrifice. With twists and turns, intrigues and emotions, and layers of storytelling, it’s no surprise that the series is up for an award for the second year running. 

GH Queens – Best Unscripted Series

GH Queens is on Showmax

This stylish reality TV show tells the real-life drama of four ambitious women, including media personality Efia Efia Odo, singer CocoTreyy, songwriter and performing artiste Sista Afia and social media influencer Abyna Marie, and their interactions within the Ghana entertainment industry.

GH Queens is a worthy contender thanks to its dive into the lives of these women and their crafts, as well as the detailed look at their everyday lives and some of the controversies and rumours that surround them. 

Slum King – Best Writing TV Series, Best Scripted M-Net Original

With its gripping storyline and engrossing plot, Slum King deserves a spot on the nominations list. 

Slum King delves into a world of survival and redemption, following the tumultuous life of Edafe (Tobi Bakre), a young boy thrust into the unforgiving streets after a devastating tragedy.

As Edafe transforms into Maje, the charismatic leader of the slums, viewers are drawn into a world of danger, betrayal, and ultimately, hope.

Itura – Best Scripted M-Net Original

Itura on Showmax

Itura is a riveting drama that explores the interwoven lives of the inhabitants of Ibaokuta, a small Yoruba village. 

To bring this world to life, producer James Omokwe had to build the set from the ground up, employing more than 350 people behind the scenes, with more than 75% of the cast being relatively new faces in Nollywood. These new faces are also supported by an excellent cast led by longtime thespian Yemi Solade (King Jagungbade). 

From forbidden romances to dynastic power struggles, Itura offers a compelling glimpse into a society shaped by tradition, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of power.

The Irabors’ Forever Ever – Best Unscripted M-Net Original 

Irabors on Showmax

If you’re a lover of love, or looking for a reason to become one, then this series is for you. 

In The Irabors’ Forever Ever, we join Betty and Soni Irabor as they celebrate four decades of love and partnership. With intimate insights into their journey, this heartwarming series is a testament to the enduring power of love and the joy of shared memories.

Mutale Mwanza Unscripted Season 1 – Best Unscripted Series

Mutale Mwanza is on Showmax

As both the star and executive producer of this reality TV series, media personality Mutale Mwanza aims to dismantle the misconceptions that some Zambians have about her by unveiling her true identity: a devoted mother and daughter, and successful businesswoman. 

Throughout the season, viewers are taken into her romantic relationships, close friendships, and her quest to maintain a balance between family life and fame.

If you believe you know Mutale Mwanza inside out, this series will make you think again!

What Will People Say – Best Unscripted M-Net Original

What Will People Say on Showmax

What Will People Say is an in-studio blind date show where the studio audience gets the final say on who, out of six hopefuls, wins a date with an eligible single man or woman, known as the seeker.

The reality dating series is a thrilling journey of romance and intrigue that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. From blind dates to unexpected twists, this show offers a tantalising glimpse into the unpredictable world of modern love.

Masquerades of Aniedo – Best Writing TV Series 

Surely we can’t be the only ones who have been swept away by the epic tale of Masquerades of Aniedo, a saga of love, betrayal, and revenge set against the backdrop of an ancient kingdom? 

Helmed by acclaimed director Femi Ogunsanwo and featuring a stellar cast, the immersive series captivates audiences with its rich storytelling and breathtaking twists and turns.

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