Nick Mutuma and Kevin Njue unite for new Showmax Original Big Girl Small World

23 April 2024

Nick Mutuma and Kevin Njue unite for new Showmax Original Big Girl Small World

Coming in hot from Kenya, the new Showmax Original comedy drama series Big Girl Small World is set to premiere on 8 May. 

The 13-part series follows Ciku, a plus-size woman who stumbles through a journey of self-discovery after a humiliating scandal. In the process, she finds out what it means to live big in a world determined to shrink her. 

The series features an all-female writing team of head writer Angela Ruhinda (Binti), Gathoni Kamau (Murder Camp), Wanjiru Kairu (The Agency), Safina Iqbal (Disconnect) and Kui Mwai.

Watch trailer for Big Girl Small World

Big Girl Small World is directed by Nick Mutuma, behind the Kalasha-nominated films You Again and Sincerely Daisy. Mutuma also serves as series producer alongside Kevin Njue, behind AMVCA- and Kalasha-winning film 18 Hours.

“Our Kenyan audiences have always demanded shows that represent them and their experiences. We set out to be as honest as possible in our writing and to dig deep enough to tap into our hidden emotions,” says series producer Njue. “Big Girls Small World is a show centred around a woman in her early 30s so it was very important for us to have an all-female writing team. We wanted this story to be wholly written from a female perspective, capturing the intricacies and nuances with rawness and authenticity without imposing the male gaze into the story.”

“I am also excited for the cast. Our show predominantly has new and emerging talents, and it would be an understatement to say that their performances are raw, unique and memorable,” Njue adds.

Meet the cast

June Njenga as Ciku in Big Girl Small World on Showmax

In the lead role, newcomer June Njenga plays Ciku, an uber-successful, plus-sized, opinionated radio personality with a tendency to choose the wrong men.

Daina Njuguna as Ciku’s former best friend Aisha in Big Girl Small World on Showmax

Another newcomer, Daina Njuguna is Ciku’s former best friend Aisha. She’s a wildcard whose free-spirited persona and carefree outlook to life often lands her in trouble.

Emmanuel Mugo as Ciku’s long-term boyfriend Kassim in Big Girl Small World on Showmax

Emmanuel Mugo (Igiza) is Ciku’s long-term boyfriend Kassim. Kassim is willing to do almost anything for his 15 minutes of fame but at what cost to himself and those around him?

Fidel Maithya as Ciku’s colleague and confidant Kwame in Big Girl Small World on Showmax

Fidel Maithya (Single Kiasi) is Ciku’s colleague and confidant Kwame. A single dad, Kwame has strong feelings for Ciku but never acts upon them and he’s always there to catch her when she falls.

Second Family’s Derek Bbanga is the enigmatic and charming Jomo, who enters Ciku’s life unexpectedly, offering her everything she desires but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Kui Kabala as Ciku’s nemesis Maureen in Big Girl Small World on Showmax

Kui Kabala (Njoro wa Uba) is Ciku’s nemesis Maureen, a fast-rising and ambitious radio presenter, the quintessential Nairobi “mean girl” with impeccable fashion sense and flawless makeup.

Big Girl Small World joins three more Kenyan Showmax Originals premiering in May as the African streamer officially relaunches in Kenya. The other titles include the highly anticipated The Real Housewives of Nairobi S2, new dramedy from Philit Productions Untying Kantai, and new docuseries Nilichoma.

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