Nilichoma S1
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28 May 2024

Nilichoma S1

The first Showmax Original docuseries in Kenya, Nilichoma features well-known personalities in Kenya who received an unexpected windfall – and then blew it all.

“The story of starting from nothing, only to fall into immense wealth, is a dream shared by humanity. However, the accompanying fall from grace is a nightmare we dread,” says producer Ahmed Deen (Midlife Crisis). “Nilichoma is a collection of these dreams, shared by personalities we have grown up with and dreamt of being. These personalities either inherited, won or were awarded sums of money beyond their wildest dreams. But these dreams turned into a nightmare, and once they hit rock bottom, all that was left were hard lessons learned.”

Some of the personalities to look out for include cricket icon Maurice Odumbe; comedian JB Masandaku; David Ogot, son of renowned author and politician Grace Ogot; and former Samburu millionaire Gabriel Lengishili.

New episodes land every Tuesday.

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