Nolwazi is determined to get her man back and Buzwe reveals a damning truth

By Zibuyile Dladla23 September 2019

Nolwazi is determined to get her man back and Buzwe reveals a damning truth

The young men of Grassroots are currently going through quite a confusing time in their lives. While attempting to juggle school and rugby, Asanda and Monwabisi are also still struggling to figure out the opposite sex and how to handle matters of the heart.

Nolwazi’s unexpected arrival

After realising that her relationship with Asanda is in jeopardy, Nolwazi took it upon herself to travel to Johannesburg. Her aim was not only to save her relationship but to also get to the bottom of Asanda and Bontle’s “platonic friendship”. Unfortunately, what she came to find is that Asanda is deeply mesmerised by Bontle’s charm.

The realisation dawned on her when Asanda reacted furiously during a staged altercation between Bontle and another boy at a house party. From then on, Nolwazi knew she had to do damage control.

Although Nolwazi managed to convince Asanda to leave the house party with her, we doubt she’ll manage to stop Asanda from seeing Bontle again.

Buzwe reveals the truth about Gcin’umuzi’s death

It’s a secret he has been trying to hide for so long. The mystery behind Gcin’umuzi’s death has caused a lot of problems for Buzwe. It’s not only creating a rift between his family, but the death has the community of Centane questioning whether Buzwe is a man of integrity.

Buzwe had initially lied to the council about Gcin’umuzi working that night, but the fact is, Monwabisi’s dad was not supposed to be at the construction site that night.

In a turn of events, Epainette forced the truth out of Buzwe after she discovered that he had lied about Gcinumuzi’s working hours that night.

What Buzwe revealed next shocked Epainette to the core.

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