Our Perfect Wedding Kenya S1-10
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17 June 2020

Our Perfect Wedding Kenya S1-10

If there’s anything romcoms have taught us, it’s that planning the perfect wedding is never easy. Now imagine planning a wedding in real life! The chaos and confusion of late deliveries, the drama, and the over-meddling relatives – some whom you’ve never met in your entire life but who somehow have every authority to stop the wedding if their demands are not met. If this sounds like an exaggeration then wait until you watch Maisha Magic’s Our Perfect Wedding (OPW), a wedding reality show that takes us behind the scenes of what it takes to plan a perfect wedding.

Hosted by Angie Mlay (Socialites), OPW follows different couples in Kenya through their journey as they plan for the big day while also featuring interesting backstories on how they started dating and to the surprise proposals that made them say yes. In between, we also get to experience the different cultures of the bride and groom and how this ties into the overall ceremony.

And sometimes, it can get dramatic like in the episode where a groom’s family was locked outside the gate because they didn’t bring everything the bride’s family requested, or when the service provider threatened to take down the tents in the middle of the ceremony.

But despite all the drama and challenges, at the end of it all, OPW delivers a beautiful wedding celebration, giving the couples the happy endings they deserve. Produced by Eugene Mbugua’s Young Rich TV, OPW is arguably the most popular wedding show in Kenya, even winning Best TV Reality Show at the Kalasha Awards 2019.

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