Plane (2022)

23 October 2023

Plane (2022)

Plane stars MTV Movie Award winner Gerard Butler (Last Seen Alive, Greenland, Angel Has Fallen, 300) as pilot Brodie Torrance, who is forced to make a risky emergency landing on a war-torn island during a terrible storm. But surviving the landing was just the beginning, and when they encounter dangerous rebels, the only passenger Torrance can count on for help is Louis Gaspare, a fugitive being extradited by the FBI.

Critics Choice and Black Reel nominee Mike Colter (Marvel’s Luke Cage, Lemond Bishop in The Good Wife) co-stars as Gaspare. Also look out for Nigerian Remi Adeleke, real-life Navy SEAL. 

The #41 highest grossing movie of this year so far, Financial Times calls Plane, “an adrenaline-pumping banger”; The Ringer says, “They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore”; and Time Out calls it, “Brisk, easy, brutish. It has explosions, punch-ups, shoot-outs and more than one bit where someone gets smacked in the face with a big hammer. How much more could you reasonably ask? It’s a blast.”

Colter is already lined up to star in the equally gloriously named sequel, called … wait for it … Ship.