Interview: This Body Works For Me – Primadonna

By Kamo Matlala30 November 2022

Interview: This Body Works For Me – Primadonna

Primadonna on This Body Works For Me is from Hartbeespoort but now lives in Johannesburg. Her full name is Prudence Matsweu, and she and regards herself as a super-confident exotic dancer and aspiring rap artist.

But life hasn’t always been easy for Primadonna. After experiencing some hardships back home, the exotic dancer decided to grab life by the horns and carve her own path in the adult entertainment industry.

Trigger warning: Please note that this interview contains information that could be disturbing to survivors of trauma.

The decision to leave school

The hardships back home were just some of the reasons Primadonna decided to leave school.

“My father used to use me as his punching bag. Whenever he got frustrated, he used to come to my room to beat me and so I was tired of living in fear.”

Primadonna then moved out of her home and worked at a call centre but her salary was not enough for her to manage her life, so she left school and her job to become an exotic dancer, which made life better for her.

“I love stripping, as much as I like dancing. If I enjoy doing this, why not make money out of it?,” says Primadonna.

Primadonna: OnlyFans

Primadonna joins fellow cast members Wandile Ndlovu and Samke Nkwanyana in becoming an OnlyFans content creator. Primadonna respects the OnlyFans hustle as it’s another stream of income coming her way. Primadonna is also focused on investing further in her music career and making a living from it.

“Now that I have a management team, I’ve realised the importance of opening myself to many opportunities that will assist me in generating multiple streams of income,” says Primadonna.

This Body Works For me_interview_Primadonna

Surviving trauma

Although Primadonna has expressed that she enjoys what she does, she, unfortunately, has experienced a life-threatening ordeal at work. The exotic dancer was set up to be raped and killed by someone she had thought was a friend in the industry.

“This girl sent people to kidnap, rape, and kill me, but they didn’t kill me, obviously. They just took my money and left me in the bushes after raping me.”

She has since stopped trusting people around her and has decided to focus on doing her own thing.

For counselling and support, survivors can contact Rape Crisis here.

Configuring her body

Primadonna has always wanted a butt lift and looks up to rappers like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

“I’ve always wanted a big bum, I feel like in this day and age having the type of body that I want is a confidence booster and, quite frankly in my line of work, I could go far. If Cardi B and Nicki Minaj did it and prospered then so can I,” says Primadonna.

Advice from industry peers

Primadonna believes that everyone has their own experiences and ways of doing things in this industry and therefore doesn’t think that she has ever resonated with anyone else’s experiences.

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten sound advice from anyone about what I do. I have come so far by myself that I don’t think I needed anyone’s advice or opinion about my journey.”

Money talks

The more Primadonna swings that pole, the more her audience makes it rain with cash!

“I’ve made up to R18 000 in one night,” she says.

This Body Works For Me is an 18SLN reality series only on Showmax, with two new episodes every Wednesday.

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