Red Ink episode 4 recap: Seeing double

28 February 2024

Red Ink episode 4 recap: Seeing double

Following the gripping events of the first three episodes, Episode 4 of Red Ink on Showmax intensifies the pressure on Lucy as she grapples with the complexities of life, motherhood, and her unsettling connection to the notorious serial killer Napoleon Dingiswayo. 

Here’s the rundown:

Lucy fights back

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The episode kicks off with Lucy fighting off her attacker, but not before he steals her laptop. The next day reveals a grim discovery: her company’s bank account has been drained. Detective Morapedi steps in to investigate and discovers that it was Tshepo, Pat’s boyfriend, who broke into Lucy’s cottage. The question lingers: Why would Tshepo do it?

Gary demands custody of Khaya

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Meanwhile, Gary demands that Khaya live with him, adding another level of emotional strain on Lucy. She’s heartbroken yet determined, and after spending some time with Fundi, she finds renewed strength to assert her rights as a mother.

Lucy takes charge

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Lucy attends Pat’s memorial, where a poignant moment with her family propels her to take control of Pat’s PR firm. Embracing this newfound responsibility, Lucy takes charge of her life.

Napoleon tells all… almost

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As Lucy continues to write Napoleon’s book, his surprise summons reignites their unsettling connection. Delving into his past, Lucy hears the chilling account of Napoleon’s first victim, Pinky.

Lucy and KG join forces to find the truth

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Collaborating with KG, Lucy’s pursuit of the truth takes an unexpected turn as inconsistencies in Napoleon’s story come to light. The revelation challenges Lucy’s perception of Napoleon’s motives, sparking doubts about the authenticity of his confessions. 

Khaya acts out, Gary confesses, and Lucy hooks up with KG

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Khaya’s behavioural issues at school cause concern, further complicating Lucy’s already chaotic life. What’s worse, Gary’s admission of involvement with Lucy’s friend Kopano adds another layer of tension to their strained relationship, and sends Lucy straight into KG’s arms.

Seeing double

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In a surprising twist, Fundi’s relationship with KK leads to an unexpected encounter between Lucy and a mysterious stranger. But not just any stranger… he bears a striking resemblance to Napoleon! As the stakes escalate and mysteries deepen, Red Ink promises another thrilling chapter in Lucy’s tumultuous journey. Stay tuned for more revelations and suspense in the next episode, only on Showmax.

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