Red Ink Season 1 episode 5 recap: You lie with the dogs, you get fleas

7 March 2024

Red Ink Season 1 episode 5 recap: You lie with the dogs, you get fleas

After last week’s shock revelations, we catch up with Lucy as she navigates the search for truth in an increasingly dangerous situation. Here’s what went down in  Red Ink Episode 5.

Lucy’s double-take

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At the club, Lucy’s encounter with Sifiso, Napoleon’s twin, leaves her shaken. He warns her that writing Napoleon’s book is putting her in danger. Fundi expresses her worry too, and begs Lucy to be careful.

Lucy digs into Napoleon’s past

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Lucy visits the orphanage where Napoleon and Sifiso grew up, uncovering mysterious events surrounding the disappearance of Harriet Khuzwayo. Despite the lack of records of their time there, a haunting photograph depicts the boys with the vanished woman.

Lucy scores a book deal

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KK offers Lucy an introduction to a publisher, but the meeting doesn’t go as planned. He’s not interested in the book she’s writing about Napoleon and offers her a massive advance to write something “sweeter” and more commercial. Lucy is sceptical, but Fundi convinces her to go with the flow and take the advance.

Lucy confronts Napoleon 

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In prison, Lucy confronts Napoleon about Harriet Khuzwayo, suspecting he and Sifiso had something to do with her disappearance. She questions Napoleon about his brother’s motives and his knowledge of Patricia’s murder. Frustrated by Napoleon’s lack of cooperation, Lucy decides to end their collaboration on the book.

Lucy receives a chilling threat

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Lucy receives a menacing note warning her to stop writing Napoleon’s book. At the same time, KG uncovers a startling connection – Sifiso’s business partner is none other than KK. Lucy, fearing for Fundi’s safety, rushes off to warn her about KK.

KK is not who he says he is

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Fundi scores a role in The Bride, thanks to KK’s influence. The two celebrate her success, but just as things are getting intimate, Lucy interrupts them to warn Fundi that KK is lying to her, and that she’s in danger, but Fundi won’t believe her and they argue. Later, when she confronts KK about Lucy’s suspicions, it’s clear that he’s hiding something. 

The episode ends with him sending a cryptic text to an unknown recipient: We’ve got a problem.

What is he up to, and who is he working for? Could it be this mysterious “Sponsor”? Does he have something to do with Patricia’s murder? Stay tuned for more twists and turns in the next episode of Red Ink, only on Showmax!

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