Red Ink Season 1 episode 8 recap: Till we meet again

27 March 2024

Red Ink Season 1 episode 8 recap: Till we meet again

In the gripping finale of Red Ink on Showmax, we follow Lucy as she unravels the shocking truth about Napoleon and races against time to save her family. Here’s the recap:

Detective Morapedi discovers the truth about the prison fire

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Detective Morapedi interrogates Dawie, the corrupt prison guard, about the fire in Napoleon’s cell. Dawie denies any involvement, but Goliath comes forward and gives Morapedi the clue she needs. She orders a DNA test on the remains, and learns that Napoleon has escaped.

Napoleon stalks Lucy

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While Sifiso struggles to secure travel documents for himself and Napoleon, Napoleon’s fixation on Lucy intensifies. He stalks Lucy as she drives Kagiso, newly emerged from his coma, back home to his apartment. Angry that Lucy has “sinned” with Kagiso, Napoleon enters Kagiso’s apartment building…

Khaya goes missing

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As Lucy grapples with the news of Napoleon’s escape, she receives another blow: Khaya is missing. Panic sets in as Lucy and Gary confront their worst fears. Napoleon contacts Lucy, revealing he has Khaya and demands she meet with him, alone.

A heart-shaped box of horror

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Lucy rushes to the address provided by Napoleon. Thankfully, Khaya is unharmed, but Lucy is in danger. Napoleon presents her with a chilling gift: a heart-shaped box. With trembling hands, Lucy opens it to reveal a horrifying sight – Kagiso’s heart! 

The race is on to save Lucy and Khaya

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Meanwhile, Gary, realising that Lucy has gone after Napoleon to rescue Khaya alone, contacts Fundi. Fundi uses the Friend Tracker app to give the police Lucy’s location, setting off a frantic chase to save Lucy and Khaya.

Brother against brother

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As Napoleon torments Lucy, Sifiso returns home. Lucy manipulates the brothers to turn on each other, leading to a deadly confrontation where Napoleon stabs Sifiso. In a frantic attempt to escape, Lucy fights back and kills Napoleon just as the police show up and discover that Sifiso has disappeared.

Till we meet again 

Red Ink is on Showmax

The ordeal is finally over. Lucy’s family is safe, but the cost was high – Kagiso is dead. Lucy resumes her normal life with Gary and Khaya, even publishing her novel to great success. Still, there’s a lingering question: Did Sifiso truly escape? The series concludes with a chilling cliffhanger: we learn that it was actually Napoleon who got away! He receives Lucy’s book in the mail and ominously declares, “Till we meet again.”

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