Renfield (2023)

30 November 2023

Renfield (2023)

In Renfield, Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road) stars as the tortured aide to history’s most narcissistic boss, Dracula, played by Oscar winner Nicolas Cage. 

After lifetimes of servitude, forced to procure his master’s prey and do his every bidding, Renfield is ready to see if there’s a life outside the shadow of the Prince of Darkness.  If he can just figure out how to end his codependency… 

The New York Times says: “Count Dracula has been dead for so long and gone through so many iterations — exotic, satanic, romantic — that it’s almost surprising there’s any juice left in the thirsty old boy. Yet here he is again, resurrected by a glorious, vamping Nicolas Cage, swinging a cape, baring his fangs and stealing his every scene.”