RHOJ: 4 fab moments from The Reunion Part 1

By Siyathemba Ben7 January 2020

RHOJ: 4 fab moments from The Reunion Part 1

If you thought you’d seen it all on The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, you’d better think again. While there’s been tension and drama throughout the second season of the hit reality show, it’s nothing compared to what happened on the first part of the reunion special. The ladies got a few things off their chests and we were not ready for the tea that was spilled.

The reunion special was hosted by seasoned South African broadcaster Phat Joe, who asked all the right questions. Here are some interesting moments from the show:

Mrs Mops shows off her new “friends”

An excited Mrs Mops revealed that she got her breasts done. “I got the girls done, as you can see. I went through with it,” she said, adding that she and her husband are happy with the results.

Lebo is writing on a book

Not only is Lebo a successful businesswoman, but she’s also about to become a published author. Mrs Gunguluza revealed that she’s currently writing a book entitled “Why Women Love Money”. Lebo believes everyone wants to know why women love to be financially successful, and that everyone wants to be big in life. “Loving money and wanting to get to a certain point doesn’t mean you would want a man to get you there. We all love money because we want to be secure, we want to be comfortable,” she explained on the show. 

Brinnette and Christall throw shade at each other

Because they’ve both just divorced their husbands, one would think that Christall and Brinnette would be besties by now. However, the ladies, who’ve known each other since the first season of the show, don’t quite get along. During the reunion special, Brinnette got to respond to Christall’s comments about her failed marriage. Remember when Christall suggested that Brinnette got married for money? Brinnette got a chance to address that.

She explained that her relationship was legit. “It was a real, intimate, loving, wonderful relationship. That’s why I said ‘yes’. Would you say ‘yes’ to somebody and hope to spend the rest of your life with them if you honestly didn’t love them? I mean that’s just insane.” She told Joe that there’s no friendship between her and Christall and soon after that the ladies started throwing shade at each other.

Christall brought up the fact that Brinnette didn’t even kiss her husband at her wedding. Brinnette clapped back by mentioning that in the ten years that Christall was married, she had only slept with her husband four times. We live for drama but even we were shocked by this!

Brinnette clears the air about her dating life

Brinnette also responded to Mrs Mops and Lethabo’s comments about her wanting Lebo’s husband (also called Lebo) to hook her up with his rich friends, saying that it’s absurd to think that she’d ever ask someone about other people’s finances. Brinnette added: “And by the way, I’m allowed to ask. I know Lebo [Lebo’s husband]. I’ve known Lebo for a long time… I’m single, by the way – it’s not like I’m cheating on anybody. If two of his friends are gonna come and ask me out, as Lebo as a friend of mine – I’ve known Lebo long before he met this Lebo [the wife].” She said she has the right to ask Lebo about his friends.

The second part of the reunion is going to be explosive. We can’t wait to see it! Binge the whole two seasons again, and follow the final moments of RHOJ on Showmax.

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