RHOJ: Christall and Brinnette go head to head

By Siyathemba Ben11 November 2019

RHOJ: Christall and Brinnette go head to head

In the first episode of Real Housewives of Johannesburg’s second season, all the women made an effort to make a good first impression and to get along.

Since then, the reality TV stars have spent more time together and have even taken a trip to Cape Town. Well, while that was meant to bring them closer together, it turned out to be a nightmare as some of the ladies were at each other’s throats. Lethabo and Christall ended up having a screaming match and the fun was over, just like that.

Although the Cape Town trip didn’t go according to plan, the ladies decided to not let that get in the way of their new friendship. Next on the agenda was a beautiful dinner set up by Mpumi in order to catch up with the girls. Things started on a good note as the ladies were discussing their trip and what a great time they had.

They also talked about how sad they were because of the way things ended. Christall saw this as an opportunity to share her side of the story and explained that she didn’t like the way Lethabo spoke to her. Christall, who’s going through a divorce, told her co-stars that she’s currently not in a good space. “I’ve also been going through a rough time; it feels like the universe is against me. So, maybe I do feel like a bit of a victim right now,” she said.

But guess what? No one’s buying her story and it seems like there’s more drama coming Christall’s way because she has now also made Brinnette upset. What did she do this time? Well, Brinnette didn’t appreciate the fact that Christall played with her hair.

What Christall probably saw as a gesture of endearment, was not welcome at all and she was summarily told never to touch someone’s hair like that. We think Christall got the message loud and clear.

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