#RHOJ: Is Brinnette desperate for a man?

By Siyathemba Ben27 November 2019

#RHOJ: Is Brinnette desperate for a man?

Brinnette has been very open about her bitter divorce. The businesswoman and her husband parted ways only after being married for five months. At the beginning of the second season, she bared her soul and shared the fact that she had to leave because the marriage was abusive. “Even when I filed for divorce, months later, he didn’t defend it. On the court date he didn’t show up,” she told her co-stars.

Although she’s been through a tough journey, it looks like the reality TV star is ready to move on. Brinnette has been asking some of the other housewives to hook her up with a man. While there’s nothing wrong with this, she seems rather desperate in her quest to find love. On Friday’s episode, we heard that Tarina wants to hook her up with someone. This, however, hasn’t been well-received by the other ladies.

Get Brinnette a man!

Mrs Mops threw some shade, saying that Brinnette screams desperation and it’s not a good look. Ouch! As if that’s not enough, Lethabo and Mrs Mops further discussed Brinnette’s approach to dating during their spa date. Lethabo believes that Tarina and Brinnette are now friends for one purpose: to get Brinnette a man.

LeJoy, as she is often called, seems to have a problem with the fact that Brinnette always tells people that the man she’s looking for must be rich. She told Mrs Mops that Tarina and Brinnette are always talking about men and sex, and that she gets bored whenever that happens.


According to Lethabo, Brinnette should be focusing on getting her business in order, and not chasing after men. She also dropped some tea about how Brinnette went as far as asking Lebo’s husband about his rich friends. Brinnette apparently always wants to be hooked up and this, according to the ladies, shows a level of desperation. We laughed when Mrs said she introduces herself with “Hi, I’m Brinnette. I’m single, can you hook me up?” 

There’s a new housewife in town

While the other ladies are having sleepless nights about Brinnette’s love life, other people are focusing on building their empires. A perfect example of this is Mpho, the latest addition to the show. She shared her story about being adopted by a British couple when she was just seven days old. Mpho told viewers that she’s seen a lot in her 40 years of life. “I’ve been married, I’ve been divorced, made babies, gained babies…”

So, what is she bringing to the show? One thing we know for sure is that she’s not about that materialistic life. In her own words, “Well wealth in South Africa, from what I’ve gathered, is a material thing. I don’t believe in material things. They can be taken as easily as you can buy them.”


Well then, we really cannot wait to see how she and the other ladies get along. You can follow The Real Housewives of Johannesburg right here on Showmax.

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