RHOJ: Is everyone really ganging up on Christall?

5 November 2019

RHOJ: Is everyone really ganging up on Christall?

It wouldn’t be an entertaining Real Housewives of Johannesburg episode without a bit of drama, now would it?

In this week’s episode, the ladies jetted off to the Mother City to continue Lebo’s birthday celebrations from last week.

Unfortunately, Lebo’s birthday has been filled with nothing but drama and unnecessary catfights.

Lebo’s dramatic birthday celebration

Last week, Lethabo stormed out of Lebo’s birthday dinner after she felt disrespected by a former acquaintance.


Lethabo’s sudden departure from the party did not settle well with Lebo, who then decided to continue with her birthday celebrations by treating the ladies to an all-expenses-paid weekend getaway in Cape Town.

The trip started on a very eventful note with the ladies attending a sushi-making tutorial, hiking and a wine tasting experience at a plush wine estate.

For the first time, we thought the ladies were going to enjoy the trip with little to no drama. But we were proven wrong when a catfight ensued between Christall and Lethabo.

Christall vs the other ladies

The commotion began when Brinnette was thanking Lebo for an unforgettable weekend. Brinnette’s words of gratitude were cut short when Christall interrupted her speech to add in a few words as well.

The interjection by Christall annoyed Lethabo so much that she couldn’t help but call Christall to order for her rude behaviour.

Before we knew it, F-bombs and the word b*tch were being thrown about in every direction.

During the argument, Christall complained that all the ladies have been ganging up on her for no reason. This came as a surprise to the others, and before long, both Christall and Lebo were in tears.

Lebo became emotional as she felt that her birthday celebrations ended up on a sour note, whereas Christall still believed she’s being mistreated in the group.

Will the pettiness among these women ever stop? We hope not, because we love it!

Here’s what viewers had to say on social media about the dramatic end to what was supposed to be a beautiful weekend getaway. Some believe Christall is the path to self-destruction, but some clearly think she’s playing the victim for no reason.

While some viewers believe that Christall is on the path to self-destruction, others think that she just likes playing the victim for no reason.

You can binge the whole of Season 1 while you wait for episodes of Season 2 to stack up – it’s streaming Express from DStv on Friday evenings at 19:00.

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