RHOJ: No peace between Christall and Bridgette

By Siyathemba Ben24 December 2019

RHOJ: No peace between Christall and Bridgette

Will there ever be a time when all the ladies of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg perfectly get along with each other? Well, it doesn’t look like that will ever happen! Week in and week out, someone always ends up ruffling someone else’s feathers and hell breaks loose. Are we complaining? No. Their lives are our entertainment!

Just when we’re trying to understand Brinnette and Lethabo’s misunderstandings, we find ourselves invested in Christall and Bridgette’s beef.

Let bygones be bygones

Although Bridgette is not an official cast member of the show, she’s left a lasting impression on everyone. We were all shook after she and Christall threw champagne at each other at Mpho’s birthday celebration. The mood quickly turned sour after that dramatic incident happened. After that hectic scene, we were all dying to know what would happen next. In case you’re wondering how Christall feels now, she still hasn’t gotten over the whole thing.

While they were having dinner at Mrs Mops’ house, she told the ladies that she’ll never be friends with Bridgette. “I don’t really care for her; she doesn’t care for me. So, let’s just call it bygones,” she said. We doubt Bridgette wants to be friends with Christall either and maybe all she wants is an apology. However, it doesn’t look like Christall will ever apologise for what happened, and this doesn’t sit well with Mpho, who is Bridgette’s bestie. Thankfully Bridgette wasn’t at the dinner. We can only imagine that round two of the fight would have taken place. Even if they wanted to, Bridgette and Christall couldn’t avoid each other much longer.

Surprise divorce party for Christall and Brinnette

They found themselves under the same roof at yet another fancy event. Before you get too excited about this reunion, it didn’t go as badly as you would have expected. This time the feuding ladies were at a divorce party which was meant for Christall and Brinnette. Their co-stars put it together as a way of celebrating the ladies’ singles status.

Of course, this was a party and a half and Bridgette couldn’t miss it. Things got a bit awkward after she and Christall realised that they were under the same roof for the first time after their fight. But you know what? It wasn’t too bad. They stayed clear of each other and carried on having the time of their lives. Now that’s how you sort out an issue. Pretend like nothing happened and go on with your lives!

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