Robert Marawa and Skhumba team up in new football show

By Sameer Naik20 June 2024

Robert Marawa and Skhumba team up in new football show

The Quantum Football Show pilot has officially made its debut on Showmax. The show sees co-hosts Robert Marawa and Skhumba Hlophe travelling through the streets of Johannesburg in a Quantum taxi, picking up special guests along the way, and talking about all things football. Special guests in the pilot episode include former Charlton Athletic, Lazio and Orlando Pirates attacker Mark Fish, former Pirates and Mamelodi Sundown’s attacker Teko Modise and lead actor from Showmax’s Outlaws, Keketso Mpitso.

What do you get when you put South Africa’s comedy king, Skhumba Hlophe, together with the country’s leading football broadcaster, Robert Marawa, in a Quantum taxi?

The recipe for one of the quirkiest and most knowledgeable football shows to ever hit your screens. And this is exactly what can be expected with Showmax’s latest offering.

Last week, the pilot for the all-new Quantum Football show made its debut on Showmax Premier League.
The show sees co-hosts Robert Marawa and Skhumba Hlophe travelling through the streets of Johannesburg in a Quantum taxi, picking up special guests along the way, and talking about all things football.

The special guests in the pilot episode include former Charlton Athletic, Lazio and Orlando Pirates attacker Mark Fish , former Pirates and Mamelodi Sundown’s attacker Teko Modise, and Showmax Outlaws lead actor Keketso Mpitso.

The pilot, which has been shot by creative agency 22Ours, is a fresh take on a sports magazine show format, and aims to be a lighthearted, casual way of speaking about the beautiful game.

Based on the idea that Showmax is taking South Africans to the Premier League and not bringing the Premier League to South Africans, what better mode of transport than the iconic Quantum Taxi – a celebrated and contentious staple of the nation’s transport system.

Behind the wheel is none other than South Africa’s comedy king Skhumba, who is there to offer comic relief, while seasoned broadcaster Robert Marawa does what he doesbest, an unlimited wealth of football knowledge.

Marawa, a Showmax Premier League ambassador, as well as sportscaster and radio legend, said he was delighted to be a part of the pilot for the Quantum Football Show.

“I am very, very excited,” said Marawa. “I’m always up for new innovations, always up for something new, something that hasn’t really touched the surface of the earth. I have always been that kind of person.”
Marawa believes the concept of the Quantum Football Show is the perfect recipe for an entertaining series about the beautiful game.

“I think the concept is great. It takes place exactly where conversations happen; within SA’s most loved or hated mode of transport, the Quantum. People talk about football every single time they gather. They might not talk about football within their own household because not everybody is a football fan, but when you get together with complete strangers and you say something about football, it immediately ignites an entire conversation that makes your trip so much shorter.”

Asked about working with Skhumba on the pilot, Marawa said, “It was great. Because it was so new to everyone. There was a level of hype and excitement and anticipation. There’s always going to be nerves. If you don’t have some butterflies in your tummy, then there’s something wrong with you and you’re not ready to do this. Skhumba is somebody I’ve always admired, whose comedy I have always loved and enjoyed. Years ago, on Thursday Night Live I invited him to be part of the show. It was just ahead of the Soweto Derby. He came as the Orlando Pirates fan and General Bantu Holomisa came as the Chiefs fan. Immediately I knew the man loved football, he loved football from the bottom of his heart, and I knew football was him, outside of the comedy and the persona that he is. So having him as our driver, taking us to different locations was fun. His laughter is great, his wit is unbelievable. We are a great combination, and one that hadn’t been put to the test before.”

The Quantum Football Show on Showmax with Robert Marawa and Skhumba Hlophe

Skhumba Hlophe was just as delighted to be part of the pilot.

“I am super thrilled to be part of this concept,” said Hlophe. “I think it’s a fresh concept. It’s going to be funny. If you follow footballers, you know how funny they are, so if you have football players and legends in this Quantum, Robert Marawa, who is so knowledgeable when it come to the sport of football and you have bra Skhumba as your driver of the Quantum, you are bound to have one of the most coolest tv shows ever when it comes to football.”

Hlophe, a die-hard Manchester United fan, believes the show has the potential to take off. “When you are in a Quantum and have people in the same Quantum that love the same things, you’re bound to have a great time. The conversations that are happening are great. The Quantum Football Show is more like Amajita chilling together and talking about football while arguing and having a good laugh.”

Hlophe says it was an honour and privilege to work with Marawa. “He is a seasoned broadcaster, a super great, cool guy, down to earth, and his energy is great. He always wants to work hard, put in as much as we can, research more, learn more, laugh more, and have fun while doing it all.”

Explaining the concept of the show, Volo Ganca, Managing Director (MD) of 22Ours, the creative agency responsible for the Quantum Football Show, said the show was a new take on the traditional magazine show.

“The Quantum Football Show is a new take on a traditional football magazine show, where we invite viewers to take a ride with us as we discuss, with great humour and insight, past and present stories in football with legends of the game,” said Ganca. “The idea came from our strategy to take Africans to the Premier League, on behalf of our client Showmax, instead of bringing the Premier League to Africans. So, when we thought of how to do that, we realised there was no mode of transport that was as African than the Quantum taxi.”

Ganca says he is now excited to see what football fans think of the Quantum Football Show. “Our desire is to create a show that football fans, whether casual or fanatic, want to gather round and discuss the topics we explore. We want a show where people get excited to engage online and to create something that becomes the pinnacle of sport-tainment on the continent. Seeing the Quantum on the streets of London, Lagos, Accra and Cairo wouldn’t hurt either.”

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