Say “I do” to Married to Medicine

26 April 2017

Say “I do” to Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine is a brand-new reality show on Showmax about socialites in Atlanta, but this time, they’re all women whose lives are dedicated to helping others – whether they spend their time supporting the doctors they’re married to, or are doctors themselves.

The fierce cast for the first season include:

  • Dr Jackie Walters, an OBGYN (whose husband is also a doctor)
  • Dr Simone Whitmore, ditto (and ditto)
  • Kari Wells, wife of a doctor
  • Toya Bush-Harris, married to a doctor
  • Quad Webb-Lunceford, wife of a doctor
  • Mariah Huq, also the wife of a doctor

Jackie and Simone’s challenges include juggling their hectic social lives and family schedules with the demands on their time as doctors, while Kari, Toya, Quad and Mariah live incredibly privileged, comfortable lives – although they do have to sacrifice a lot of time with their husbands.

While the show gives an insider’s insight into the medical field and the family members of those who work in it, there’s also huge doses of drama to keep you entertained. The ladies never get along – not all at once, anyway – and their allegiances shift and change in the blink of an eye.

Keep an eye out for an actual physical cat-fight between two of the wives in episode 5, and an ill-fated trip to a Georgia winery that’s supposed to bring the women closer together in episode 8, which, instead, drives them further apart.

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