9 April 2020

Second Act (2018)

Maya Vargas is the Value Shop’s best employee. She’s innovative, hard working and smart – so when she’s passed over for promotion in favour of someone with a college degree, she realises she needs to do something drastic to shake up her life. Enter her best friend’s tech-savvy son, who takes it upon himself to give her social media presence a makeover.

She quickly lands a swanky job at a top retailer – but it’s soon apparent that secrets have a nasty way of revealing themselves.

Jennifer Lopez stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens as her younger rival at the firm, TV staple Treat Williams as her new boss and Milo Ventimiglia as Trey. You may remember him from The Gilmore Girls, where he played bad boy Jess Mariano.

Rotten Tomatoes says: “Second Act proves Jennifer Lopez remains as magnetic as ever on the big screen.”

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