Second Family episodes 28-30 recap: Power struggles and shocking discoveries

3 July 2023

Second Family episodes 28-30 recap: Power struggles and shocking discoveries

The stage is set for a week filled with shock revelations and high-stakes power struggles as alliances shift, secrets emerge, and the intricate web of deceit begins to unravel on Second Family Showmax.

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Tehi’s surprise

Tehi and Cyrus fight in episode 28 of Second Family S1 on Showmax

Tehi arrives home to find Jill, one of Cyrus’s sisters, making herself a little too comfortable in his bed. Talk about an awkward situation! Nothing happened, but will Cyrus believe that it’s all a clever ploy orchestrated by Jill, who happens to have a major crush on Tehi? 

Secrets and investigations

The tenacious detective Beryl discovers a hidden hard drive among Lucas’s belongings. What could be on that mysterious drive? Meanwhile, Dora and Sophia take matters into their own hands as they make it their mission to unravel the truth behind Leo’s death. With suspicions pointing towards Evangeline’s involvement, they hatch a plan involving a safety deposit box key. 

Lies and allegiances

Cyrus, Katherine, Joel, and Sinde gather in secret, plotting their moves to undermine the Gatehi’s control of EAGC. As Katherine plans to leak false rumors about Evangeline’s alleged insider trading, Sinde rallies the farmers to sabotage grain supplies, setting the stage for another revolt against the company. 

Charles meets up with Katherine in episode 28 of Second Family S1 on Showmax

Charles extends an offer to Katherine that comes with a significant sacrifice – she must sever ties with Sinde in exchange for a prestigious position within EAGC. Meanwhile, Evangeline seeks legal counsel to mount her defence against Charles’s relentless pursuit.

With the IPO about to be announced, tensions reach a boiling point as everyone prepares to play their part. Cyrus’s allegiance is questioned, and suspicion arises that Sinde may be working with Charles. 

Sinde discovers Evangeline’s secret

To beat Evangeline at her own game, Sinde needs leverage. Moments before the IPO announcement, Sinde confronts Evangeline with the shocking revelation – Shei is not Evangeline’s biological daughter! Her ultimatum is clear: return her shares to Sinde, or the world learns about Evangeline’s secret.

Who’s in control now?

Evangeline and her grandfather Lucas in Second Family S1 on Showmax

About to lose everything, Evangeline rushes from the venue, only to discover Charles unable to move or speak, seemingly from a stroke. But instead of calling for help to save her grandfather, Evangeline makes a decision that will have far-reaching consequences. Will this act of desperation tip the scales of power or plunge her further into darkness?

Find out next week when Single Family continues, only on Showmax.

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