Second Family Season 1 episodes 7-9 recap: Sinde has a hard time running her late father’s empire

28 April 2023

Second Family Season 1 episodes 7-9 recap: Sinde has a hard time running her late father’s empire

In episodes 7-9 of Second Family, Sinde is facing a monumental challenge as she struggles to lead the East Africa Granaries Company after her father’s sudden death.

With the Gatehis breathing out to get her, she appoints Evangeline as Executive Director and sets her sights on taking the company public. But Sinde is unaware of her father’s fraudulent dealings, which will soon come to light and threaten to destroy everything he worked for.

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An outbreak causing company to lose millions

Katherine in Second family S1 on Showmax

As if that’s not bad enough, an aflatoxin outbreak forces the closure of several East Africa Granaries Company plants, causing the company to lose millions. The government demands that all East Africa Granaries Company products are removed from shelves, further exacerbating the crisis. It’s a disaster, but Evangeline isn’t one to give up without a fight. She pulls some strings and secures a meeting with the CS to fix the mess.

Meanwhile, Sinde discovers her father’s fraud and fires Katherine. Gigi and Kevin get engaged, while Shei secretly tests her siblings’ DNA to determine if Sinde is really their father’s daughter. But when the DNA results come back, it’s not what anyone expected.

Evangeline gets injured

Evangeline gets injured in Second Family

Evangeline throws a party in honor of Sinde, but things quickly spiral out of control. Cyrus drinks too much and causes a scene, while Bett accuses Sinde of losing her morals.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, Evangeline stumbles downstairs with a torn dress and bloodied face. What happened upstairs with the CS? And how will this impact the Gatehi and Lang’at families?

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