Second Family S2 episodes 15-16 recap: Secrets and suspicion

6 November 2023

Second Family S2 episodes 15-16 recap: Secrets and suspicion

In the latest episodes of Second Family on Showmax, the drama continues to simmer as the Gatehi family deals with even more secrets and betrayals.

Here’s a recap:

Leo and Evangeline’s tumultuous relationship

Second Family S2 on Showmax

The week kicks off with a violent confrontation between Leo and Evangeline. Their relationship hangs in the balance as Leo issues a dramatic ultimatum: forgiveness or something more sinister.

Gigi’s suspicions and PTSD struggles

Gigi on Second Family on Showmax

Gigi is suspicious of Cyrus’ relationship with Katherine. Her trust issues escalate after stumbling upon an intimate moment between the colleagues. Struggling with her own past trauma, Gigi faces additional challenges in her quest to outshine her siblings.

Evangeline confronts Carol-Marie

Second Family on Showmax episode 15

At the club, Carol-Marie makes a public announcement about continuing her late husband’s agricultural mission in Soy. Evangeline, feeling betrayed by her former friend, confronts her and resorts to blackmail to stay in the loop regarding Leo’s dealings.

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Cyrus’s revelation and sibling rivalry

Cyrus reveals suspicions about an attempt on Leo’s life, hinting at deeper Syndicate involvements. Leo grants Cyrus the authority to implement plans at EAGC, with Gigi leading the charge, intensifying the sibling rivalry.

Shei tries to cover her tracks

Second Family S2 episode 15 on Showmax

While Dora recovers from her fall in hospital, fragments of memories start to return. Shei tries to cover her tracks and her actions become more and more suspicious. What we really want to know is, what pills did Shei mix into Dora’s porridge?

Unexpected reunion: Leo and Evangeline

Leo and Evangeline on Second Family on Showmax

In a surprising turn, Leo and Evangeline find themselves in each other’s arms. The unexpected passion raises questions about the future of their relationship. Could they join forces again and make it work? We can’t wait for the next twist!

Stay tuned for more Second Family on Showmax. New episodes land every Thursday and Friday.

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