Second Family S2 episodes 45-46 recap: Evangeline is back on top

19 February 2024

Second Family S2 episodes 45-46 recap: Evangeline is back on top

This week’s instalment of Second Family on Showmax is packed with shocking revelations and tense confrontations. From unexpected alliances to deadly secrets, the Gatehi mansion buzzes with intrigue. 

Here’s the recap:

Dora is found dead in Shei’s bed

Second Family S2 now on Showmax

Shei wakes up to a shocking discovery – Dora lying lifeless in her bed, with a mysterious note from Evangeline. As Shei tries to make sense of it all, Evangeline plays mind games with her.

Shei ropes Sweetness into covering up Dora’s death. As they scheme to deflect suspicion, Sweetness finds herself caught in Shei’s dark plot. 

Mummy’s home!

Second Family S2 now on Showmax

As tensions simmer in the Gatehi mansion, Evangeline’s true motives remain hidden behind a facade of normalcy, cooking breakfast like a perfect mother. Shei and Gigi remain on high alert, not trusting Evangeline for a moment.

Evangeline’s joins forces with Kiilu

Second Family S2 now on Showmax

With her thirst for revenge on Leo, Evangeline forms an alliance with Kiilu and The Professor – the only survivor from The Syndicate. This time, they have their sights set on seizing control of the Presidency. Evangeline’s ambitions truly have no bounds!

Leo tries to win Carol-Marie back

Leo confronts Carol-Marie about their relationship, hoping to take things to the next level. However, their reconciliation is interrupted by Evangeline, casting a shadow over their fragile romance.

Tehi returns

Tehi returns unexpectedly in a stupor, covered in blood from a drunken fight. He delivers a cryptic confession to Gigi before he passes out, one that leaves her reeling. His secret is out. He killed Kat. 

What will Gigi do with this information?

Stay tuned to Second Family on Showmax to find out! New episodes land every Thursday and Friday.

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