Second Family Season 1 episodes 31-33 recap: Blackmail and surprise reunions

3 July 2023

Second Family Season 1 episodes 31-33 recap: Blackmail and surprise reunions

This week on Second Family, the tension reaches its peak, alliances crumble, dark secrets come to light, and the battle for power takes a dangerous turn. It’s a family drama like you’ve never seen before!

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The IPO announcement party

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The week kicks off at the glamorous IPO announcement party, where Evangeline seems to hold court as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred – as though moments ago she didn’t silence Charles forever.

All the key players are in attendance, from Cyrus and Katherine to Sinde and Joel. On the other side, Tehi, Jackson, and members of The Syndicate keep a close watch. Detective Beryl also discreetly joins the event, continuing her investigation in the shadows.

Katherine blackmails the board

Katherine in Second Family S1 on Showmax

Meanwhile, Katherine engages in secret meetings with members of the board, attempting to blackmail them into stripping Evangeline of her shares. But the tables turn in a shocking twist when the board retaliates against Katherine instead.

A surprise announcement

The moment arrives when the next CEO of EAGC is revealed, and to everyone’s astonishment, it’s not Cyrus. Evangeline pulls a power move, naming Sinde as the new CEO. This unexpected turn undermines everyone’s power plays, including The Syndicate’s. Sinde’s actions leave Cyrus and Katherine feeling betrayed, and Joel delivers a cutting remark, reminding Sinde that she’s just like all the others.

Trust no one

With alliances shattered, it becomes clear that in this ruthless game, no one can be trusted. The discovery of Charles’ lifeless body halts the event, as the police arrive to question the guests. In the midst of the chaos, Detective Beryl corners Cyrus, desperate for answers about the interconnected deaths of Leo, Steven, Lucas, and Isaiah. Cyrus seizes the opportunity to shift suspicion onto Tehi, further muddying the waters.

Unraveling the web

As funeral plans for Charles take shape, Sinde finds herself entangled once again in Evangeline’s intricate web. She makes bold moves by ousting Providential GMA, including Katherine, and upholds Charles’ rules concerning the farmers. 

An unexpected reunion

Gigi makes an unexpected return in Second Family on Showmax

Just as Evangeline confronts Cyrus about his hidden actions and threatens to derail his wedding to Gigi, the very daughter she warns him about arrives home for a surprise reunion, turning the situation on its head. 

With Gigi back in play, we know there’s plenty more drama to come, and we’re here for it! Tune into Showmax for new episodes of Second Family, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

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