Second Family Season 1 episodes 34-36 recap: Bonds, betrayals and secret babies

10 July 2023

Second Family Season 1 episodes 34-36 recap: Bonds, betrayals and secret babies

Another week, another opportunity for our favourite feuding families to betray each other as they fight for power over EAGC. This week on Second Family Showmax, new alliances are formed while secrets and lies come to the surface, threatening to rip even the strongest relationships apart. 

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The syndicate and Tehi’s ambition

Tehi sets his sights on a new goal – taking his father’s place in the Syndicate. He seeks guidance on how to assume Charles’ position, but he’ll need to prove his worth before he can claim a seat in the powerful organisation.

Charles’ funeral and shocking accusations

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Charles’s funeral becomes a hotbed of political intrigue, with Sinde confronting Evangeline head-on. As tensions rise, it becomes clear that Sinde is ready to play the game on her own terms. However, the true shocker occurs when Nthanze, driven by intense jealousy, boldly confronts Evangeline, publicly accusing her of seducing Kiilu. 

Sinde’s departure and Victor’s revelation

Sinde makes a bold decision, leaving the Gatehi house – and Bett – behind. Meanwhile, Victor arrives to read Charles’s will, and Tehi becomes suspicious of his mother’s ulterior motives. To Tehi’s astonishment, Charles bequeaths his entire wealth to him, but there’s a twis – he appoints Evangeline as the trustee, giving her control over Tehi’s inheritance.

Gigi’s wedding preparations and Cyrus’s betrayal

Gigi and Shei are home from Paris and Shei catches up with Tehi, leading to a conversation about DNA tests that could unveil shocking truths about their family’s lineage. Secrets bubble beneath the surface as Gigi’s mysterious illness raises suspicions that she may be hiding something… Joel’s baby!

Later, when she tries on her wedding dress, it’s too small. Evangeline arranges for alterations but offers some motherly advice that triggers doubts in Gigi’s mind. Gigi visits Joel, reigniting their undeniable chemistry. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Katherine find solace in each other’s company as they bond over their shared unemployment. With his future uncertain, Cyrus meets with TGM and joins the opposition, setting the stage for a clash of powers.

A compromising situation

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Shei and Joel plot to escape Joel’s arranged marriage by staging a saucy scene – if Rebecca discovers them in bed together, she’ll call off her arranged marriage to Joel. But their plan takes an unexpected turn when Gigi is the one to find them together! Will she ever forgive Shei?

Joel confronts Gigi about the baby, claiming it’s his, but she puts him in his place and coldly reminds him of their social divide.

Sinde’s surprise alliance

In a surprising twist, Tehi and Sinde join forces to eliminate Evangeline from the picture once and for all. As the battle lines are drawn, loyalties will be tested, and the consequences of their actions could reverberate throughout the Gatehi empire.

Stay tuned for more high-stakes power plays as Second Family continues next week, only on Showmax.

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