Second Family Season 2: Deadly succession battles loom

31 August 2023

Second Family Season 2: Deadly succession battles loom

Kenyan Showmax Original telenovela Second Family is coming back for a fiery second season on 14 September, with new episodes releasing every Thursday and Friday.

Picking up from where Season 1 left off, the cutthroat struggle for the control of the lucrative milling company EAGC continues, with the stakes even higher after an old patriarch rises from the dead. Meanwhile, the Syndicate, made up of businessmen who run the country, make even more bold moves to secure their interests.

Leo’s (played by Ian Mbugua) absence has wreaked unimaginable havoc on his family and friends. His eldest, Tehi, fresh out of jail, contemplates his next step as the head of the Gatehi-Langat family after walking his sister Gigi down the aisle. Gigi, having just pledged her life to her father’s protege, Cyrus, hides a scandalous secret.

Shei, now aware of her heritage, looks to hide the truth from her family, while Sinde, now at the helm of EAGC, is ready to unleash her wrath on the Gatehi- Langats, whom she blames for her misfortunes.

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Alliances will be made just as quickly as they will be destroyed, and for a few characters who still have a soul, there’s no bond greater than family, but for others, not even family can stand in the way of ambition.

Dora Nyaboke returns as the ever-devilish Evangeline, Nick Ndeda as the Gatehi-Langat black sheep, Tehi, Brian Ogola as Evangeline’s ambitious partner in crime, Cyrus, and Vanessa Okeyo as Leo’s once-likely successor, Sinde. Also making a comeback in Season 2 are Mumbi Maina as Katherine, Stephanie Muchiri as Gigi, Brain Abajah as Joel, Serah Wanjiru as Shei, Lewis Leshan as Bett, Florence Nduta as Dora, Derek Bbanga as Kiilu, Joyce Musoke as Lizzy, Sheila Ndanu as Dr Masinde and Mary Mwikali as Carole Marie.

The most exciting thing about developing the story for the second season of Second Family has been the “sharp change of direction,” from Season 1, says Season 2 showrunner, Mkamzee Mwatela. “We’re throwing challenges at the characters and watching them respond. They’re real people to us now, and all of them are struggling so hard just to get through life, sometimes just to get through the day. It’s exciting coming up with solutions to seemingly impossible problems ranging from love, business and family to the characters’ inner worlds. It’s amazing how you can write characters that can endure things you can’t in ways that you wish you could.

“I think at some point viewers will be screaming at their TV ‘What is wrong with you?’ because the characters are making so many questionable decisions,” Mkamzee adds. “Also, some interesting characters will be ‘rising’ and we’ll be introducing some new characters just to stir the pot a little. We hope to leave a trail of fire this season.”

Second Family S2 is produced by Live Eye TV, and directed by Edwin Kamau (Crime and Justice) and King Muriuki (Igiza, Faithless).

Second Family S2 premieres on Showmax on 14 September, with new episodes releasing every Thursday and Friday.


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