Second Family Season 2 epiosodes 3-4 recap: Can Sinde keep things afloat?

26 September 2023

Second Family Season 2 epiosodes 3-4 recap: Can Sinde keep things afloat?

This week in Second Family Season 2, while everyone grapples with the fallout from Nthanze’s suicide, Sinde struggles to keep the company afloat while Shei navigates her identity crisis, and Gigi tries to save her marriage. 

Here’s the latest Second Family recap: 

Cyrus wakes up 

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Cyrus finally wakes up, and things seem promising with his new kidney. But he’s not in the mood for celebrations. He’s just found out about his mother’s suicide, and he’s pointing the finger at his own father, Jackson. Later, Shei comes to visit and delivers a gut-punch: Gigi lost her baby.

Sinde’s struggles at EAGC

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Sinde fights tooth and nail to save EAGC from going under. She goes head to head with Lizzy, who’s playing some dirty tricks to take down the company. Meanwhile, Sinde’s sketchy dealings with a mysterious figure reach a boiling point. He drops a cryptic hint:  he’s going to do “it” tomorrow. Could “it” involve something as sinister as taking someone’s life, maybe even Evangeline’s?

Gigi takes charge, but tensions rise

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Gigi brings Cyrus home to Evangeline’s place. She’s all over him, taking control of his meals and more. She even feeds him, though he’s perfectly capable of doing it himself. Cyrus tries to assert himself, but Gigi just keeps fussing, leading to a stormy argument. Will the newlyweds ever get over their past and find a future together?

Evangeline and Jackson’s guilt absolved

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Evangeline and Jackson discover a letter from Nthanze absolving them of their guilt. But Shei won’t allow them to forget the massive secret they kept from her, calling them liars and hypocrites. At the same time, Cyrus, stuck in bed and healing, wants nothing to do with his father’s attempts to bond or any advice he has to offer.

Katherine and Lizzy’s sibling drama

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Katherine and Lizzy meet, shedding light on their complicated past. After their father’s death, Lizzy and their mother forced Katherine out of the family business, which led her to work for Leo. Now, she’s back at TGM, taking orders from her sister, with her first mission being to help Lizzy take EAGC from Sinde.

Sinde’s last stand

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Over at EAGC, it looks like it’s game over. Warehouses are locked up tight, and some employees loot Sinde’s office. She won’t give up, though. She’s hanging on, even if it’s by a thread. Even if it means she has to beg for help from Evangeline. EAGC is all she’s got left, she says. But Evangeline doesn’t sugarcoat it: TGM has won, EAGC is over.

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