Second Family Season 2 episodes 19-20 recap: Shei on borrowed time

20 November 2023

Second Family Season 2 episodes 19-20 recap: Shei on borrowed time

This week on Second Family, tension builds as the net closes in on Shei, Evangeline spins a web of deceit, and the past comes back to haunt Tehi. Here’s the recap:

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Shei pushes Dora to speak up about Sinde

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Pressured by Shei, Dora confesses to Evangeline and Leo that Sinde pushed her down the stairs. Evangeline doesn’t buy it, and Leo refuses to take it up with the police. Even Dora is not entirely convinced that she saw Sinde. Will she ever remember the truth? 

Shei comes clean to Evangeline

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Despite her deceitful efforts to control the situation, Shei feels the net closing in. Detective Beryl has managed to trace Sinde to the hospital and it won’t be long until they connect the dots. Shei finally crumbles and confesses all to Evangeline — including the fact that Sinde is dead! 

Katherine and Cyrus find a way to keep their secret under wraps

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After Joel walked in on the steamy scene between Cyrus and Katherine, they look for a way to ensure he keeps their secret. Cyrus uses Joel’s ambition to join EAGC to his advantage and convinces Shei to intercede with Leo and secure a job for Joel. Will it work?

Evangeline’s deceptive game

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Evangeline’s going all-out to make Leo believe she’s committed to their marriage, but Alice warns her that she won’t be able to keep up the facade for long. What will happen when Leo is finally onto her? Evangeline is playing with fire and we’re there for it!

Lizzy’s mind games

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In a shock revelation, we learn that it’s not Gigi’s kidnapper Q who’s been sending her the creepy texts, but Lizzy, manipulating Gigi’s past to throw her off her game at EAGC! 

Tehi’s past comes back to haunt him

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Carol-Marie worries that Tehi’s blackmail will derail her campaign, and begs Evangeline to intervene. Evangeline digs deep into Tehi’s troubled past to ensure that he’ll never threaten Carol-Marie again. But who is this mysterious woman who’s come forward to speak against Tehi, and what did he do to her when they were in high school?

Stay tuned to Second Family to find out. New episodes land every Thursday and Friday, only on Showmax.