Second Family Season 2 episodes 21-22 recap: Cover-ups and payoffs

27 November 2023

Second Family Season 2 episodes 21-22 recap: Cover-ups and payoffs

If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from the Gatehi family, it’s drama! And the latest Second Family episodes don’t disappoint. From spilling the beans on long-held family secrets, to cheating an election, here’s what you’ve missed:

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Evangeline turns the tables on Leo

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Evangeline plays her cards smartly, sharing a damaging secret with Carol-Marie about Tehi. She cleverly makes Tehi believe that it was Leo who spilled the beans, causing Tehi to cut ties with his father. At the same time, she withholds the truth of Sinde’s whereabouts from Leo, and hides Shei’s involvement.

Gigi takes control

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Joel spills the beans about Cyrus and Katherine’s affair, leading to a heated confrontation between Gigi and Cyrus. Emotions run high as Gigi redefines the terms of their marriage and lays down some ground rules. She tasks Cyrus with leveraging his seduction tactics to distract Katherine while she undermines her siblings for control of EAGC.

Shei covers her tracks

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With Joel’s help, Shei searches for Sweetness, the woman who posed as her sister and stole her money— and who is the last remaining link between her and Sinde. But Sweetness is one step ahead.

Carol-Marie’s election drama

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Carol-Marie faces challenges from her political opponent, Fanuel. Despite Lizzy’s suggestion to seek help from The Syndicate, Leo refuses. Determined to support Carol-Marie, Leo agrees to use his influence to buy election favours.

Will his plans for ultimate control work? Will Tehi and Evangeline get their revenge on Leo? And will the truth about Sinde ever come to light? Stay tuned to Second Family for more twists and turns, every Thursday and Friday, exclusively on Showmax.

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