Second Family Season 2 episodes 47-48: Wedding bells

26 February 2024

Second Family Season 2 episodes 47-48: Wedding bells

This week on Second Family on Showmax, the drama hits an all-time high with twists and turns you won’t believe! Here’s the recap:

Carol-Marie is married!

Carol-Marie’s bombshell marriage to Kiilu shocks everyone, especially Leo. We soon discover that she’s been forced into this marriage to save her daughter, and that the scheme was masterminded by Evangeline. 

Shei questions her loyalty to the Gatehis

Second Family on Showmax

Shei finds herself torn between loyalty and self-preservation as Ryan urges her to turn her back on her family. He warns her that she’s still an outsider, and that EAGC is all about Leo. The faster she wakes up to that truth, he tells her, the faster she will get what she deserves. 

Cyrus’s revenge plan

Second Family on Showmax

Embittered by Katherine’s death, Cyrus teams up with Kiilu. Their alliance spells danger for the Gatehi empire.

Tehi is in trouble … again

Second Family on Showmax

Tehi finds himself in a tight spot when he regains consciousness at Kiilu’s apartment. Killu confronts him about botching Lizzy’s assassination, killing Kat instead. With Lizzy catching wind of his return, Tehi knows his life hangs in the balance. Kiilu advises him to seize control of the Gatehi empire from Evangeline, and get rid of Lizzy once and for all.

Gigi’s tech project is hijacked

Second Family on Showmax

Gigi faces a setback of her own as Leo hands the project reins to Lizzy, leaving Gigi feeling sidelined and frustrated.

Carol-Marie comes clean to Leo

Second Family on Showmax

Carol-Marie confides in Leo about being forced to marry Kiilu in order to save her daughter. They vow to fight against him and Evangeline together.

Shei’s unexpected engagement

Second Family S2 on Showmax

The biggest shock moment of the week is when Shei and Ryan get engaged! It’s a strategic move, and one that secures Shei’s future when she takes on the Gatehis. Cyrus advises her to tread cautiously and play her cards close to her chest. 

Shei turns her back on her family

Second Family S2 on Showmax

Shei leaves home without saying goodbye to anyone, making it official: she’s chosen Ryan over her family and there’s no turning back. 

With tensions mounting and alliances hanging by a thread, the Gatehi family is bracing for their toughest challenges yet. Don’t miss a moment of the drama! New Second Family episodes land every Thursday and Friday, only on Showmax!

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