Second Family Season 2 premiere: A wedding turned nightmare

18 September 2023

Second Family Season 2 premiere: A wedding turned nightmare

Second Family Season 2 kicks off with a shocking start as Gigi, who was abducted on her wedding day, is rescued. However, the joy is short-lived as Cyrus, her groom, is shot and rushed to the hospital. The dramatic turn of events leaves Tehi and Shei by Gigi’s side, trying to comfort her amidst the chaos. 

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Cyrus’s critical condition and a life-saving offer

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At the hospital, Nthanze keeps a vigil at Cyrus’s bedside, anxiously awaiting any news on his condition. Jackson pays a visit and learns that although the bullet didn’t hit any major organs, Cyrus’s kidneys are failing, and he needs a kidney transplant. In a desperate move to save his son, Jackson offers to donate his kidney. However, despite his noble intentions, Jackson is not a match. 

Tensions rise at EAGC and Sinde’s mysterious scheme

Second Family Season 2 is on Showmax

The tension is palpable at the EAGC as Sinde faces accusations of being ill-equipped for her role. Racing against a deadline, Sinde takes things into her own hands and snoops around Evangeline’s home without permission, searching for important documents. Later, she enlists the help of a shady character for some secret task.

A life-saving revelation

Second Family S2 is streaming on Showmax

The family gathers at the hospital to find out if they’ve found a kidney donor for Cyrus. Shockingly, Shei turns out to be a match, causing a stir in the family. Shei is faced with an enormous decision—should she donate her kidney or not? This revelation also uncovers a shocking truth: Shei is actually Nthanze’s daughter, not Evangeline’s. 

Family fractures and legal help for Joel

As tensions continue to rise, conflicts within the family get even more heated. Joel’s imprisonment is a heavy burden on Hudson’s mind. He’s increasingly frustrated with his long-time employers, the Gatehi family. After dedicating two decades to their service, Hudson feels their lack of concern for Joel’s situation deeply. Dora firmly believes in Joel’s innocence and seeks advice from Victor about his legal situation, hoping for some expert help. Victor, who knows a criminal law expert, offers to assist. 

Evangeline’s confession and Shei’s ultimatum

Evangeline confronts Nthanze about what led to Shei being given up for adoption. She reveals that Nthanze posed a threat to Shei’s safety, which led Jackson to take the baby away from her and give her to the Gatehis.

Second Family Season 2 is on Showmax

Shei, struggling with her newfound identity and the truth about her adoption, agrees to donate her kidney to Cyrus, but she sets a strict condition: Nthanze can never have a relationship with her. 

A life-saving surgery and a tragic end

Second Family S2 is streaming on Showmax

The week concludes with Shei undergoing surgery to save Cyrus. However, amidst the tension, tragedy strikes as Nthanze takes her own life, casting a somber shadow over the already tumultuous events.

With this rollercoaster of dramatic twists and turns, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead in Second Family Season 2. Stay tuned for more intrigue; new episodes of Second Family on Showmax land every Thursday and Friday.

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