Selina S1-5
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30 April 2020

Selina S1-5

Swahili hit telenovela Selina is arguably Kenya’s most-watched show in a decade, amassing a dedicated online following that was once only reserved for popular Mexican telenovelas that populated our screens back in the day.

Produced and directed by Reuben Odanga, Selina follows the star-crossed romance between Selina (Celestine Gachuhi) and Nelson Mackenzie (Pascal Tokodi), a love story so torturous yet so beloved it gave us the #Selison fandom and has nabbed its share of awards:

  • Best TV Drama – Kalasha Awards 2018 
  • Best TV Drama – Kalasha Awards 2019
  • Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama (Pascal Tokodi) – Kalasha Awards 2019

Now in Season 5

The devil works hard but Messina, Selina’s most hated character (according to fans), works even harder. In a new season full of surprises and a familiar villain no one saw coming, Messina (Angie Magio, Maza) proves to be the master of divide and conquer as she puts in motion her grand plan to take over the Mackenzie fortune. 

Ever since she joined Selina sometime in season 4, Messina has stirred up trouble for the Mackenzies, and more so for Selina’s beloved couple Nelson (Pascal Tokodi) and Selina (Celestine Gachuhi) who might just be one of the unluckiest couples on TV.

With everything they’ve been through from season 1, you’d think that these two lovebirds would get their happy ending after finally getting married in season 4, but what’s a great love story without even greater obstacles?

Like Messina enlisting an unlikely ally like Nelson, or rather his evil twin Nathan who we didn’t even know existed. Working with Messina to bring down the Mackenzies from the inside, Nathan poses as Nelson and takes over his life, including his job and his newlywed wife Selina.

It’s a dramatic turn of events that no one saw coming, not even Selina’s resident fixer and former villain Biko (Peter Kamau, Tahidi High). But where is the real Nelson? Most importantly, will Selina and Nelson’s tortured romance ever get a happy ending?

Selina airs Tuesdays – Saturdays at 8:30pm EAT.

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