Series recap: What’s happened so far on The Crossing?

1 June 2018

Series recap: What’s happened so far on The Crossing?

Brand-new show The Crossing, which launched first in South Africa on Showmax, is an intense sci-fi series from the producers of Lost. It’s filled with puzzles, cliffhangers and inexplicable events that will keep you guessing.

Inspired by the global refugee crisis, the gripping series combines sci-fi, action and human drama to keep you hooked. As lead actress Natalie Martinez says, “I love shows like this, where you read and you have no idea what’s happening, so you get to create your own theories and then something happens and you have no idea what’s going on and then you get a cliffhanger and you have to keep watching. It’s definitely one of those scripts that grabbed my attention and made me want to figure the puzzle out.”

With a complex storyline, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of what’s happened in each episode so far.

Episodes 7 and 8 landed on Showmax on 1 June, with episodes 9 and 10 coming on 12 June express from the US.

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Episode guide

Episode 1 – Pilot

Image: ABC

The first episode throws you into the deep end. Early on, you see scores of refugees wash up on the beach of a small fishing town. They claim to be running away from a war. The thing is, this war is in the future and the refugees claim to have gone back in time to try stop it, but no one knows how they got there.

Episode 2 – A Shadow Out of Time

Image: ABC

Jude is the town sheriff who is working with the government to find a peaceful solution on what to do with the refugees. But other people from the future have come before, including advanced humans known as Apex. One Apex, called Reece, adopts Leah, an orphan who survived the mass drowning. Then an unusual special-ops team appears that is intent on capturing Reece at all costs.

Episode 3 – Pax Americana

The Crossing is first and only on Showmax

From left: Sandrine Holt as Emma Ren, Steve Zahn as Jude Ellis and Natalie Martinez as Reece in The Crossing, first and only on Showmax. Image: ABC

Leah, the orphan, is not well. To save her life Reece does something drastic before it’s too late. But the sheriff double-crosses Reece, so she decides to take something incredibly value away from him. Meanwhile, in the refugee camp, you meet Hannah, who is hiding a secret that someone wants to use against her.

Episode 4 – The Face of Oblivion

The Crossing on Showmax

Image: ABC

The sheriff is now desperate to get back what Reece stole from him.  He decides to make a call that could endanger all the survivors at the camp. Meanwhile, while Leah struggles for her life, the doctor working to save her life finds something very peculiar in her blood work.

Episode 5 – Ten Years Gone

Image: ABC

Reece is coming to claim Leah and the doctor trying to save her is willing to risk everything to help her. In another part of town, Hannah starts having strange flashbacks that reveal those who played a role in the early migration and the sheriff has a mysterious disappearance to investigate.

Episode 6 – LKA

Image: ABC

The sheriff needs help with the investigation and must deal with his troubled past when he goes back to Oakland to find a former colleague. Reece and the doctor have to deal with a major setback when trying to save Leah. Meanwhile, the refugees may no longer be safe at the camp, a new threat may be coming…

Episodes seven and eight have just released on Showmax! With the latest episodes coming 12 June. Start watching The Crossing right now at

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