Shauwn opens up about being abandoned by friends on Kwa Mam’Mkhize

9 March 2020

Shauwn opens up about being abandoned by friends on Kwa Mam’Mkhize

You’ve probably heard the famous saying about how friends are always few when you go through dark times. It seems this is an experience that a lot of people go through, including the rich and famous. Although she has all the money in the world, Shauwn Mkhize couldn’t escape this reality when she was facing one of the darkest periods of her life.

On the latest episode of Kwa Mam’Mkhize, the KZN businesswoman was invited to speak at a gathering where a lot of women were in attendance. She opened up about her court battles and how she only had a handful of people around her at the time. “I’ve sent down an elevator to pick up people that wanted to come up, but the very same people are the very same people that wanted to see me fall,” she said.

Not everyone is your friend

Shauwn continued: “When I went through the SARS [SA Revenue Service] issue there were so many people that were surrounding us, my family and everybody I was close to. Some were there for the wrong reasons, some were there for good reasons.”

She shared that 90% of those people were not there for the right reasons.

Mam’Mkhize also mentioned that a lot of the people who used to attend her famous all-white parties were nowhere to be found when she needed them the most. “All those people that were there, that were so-called friends, they were not there. I had to go through that so that God would allow me to see who are the people that I bring closer to me.”

If you’re a wealthy businesswoman and socialite you’re bound to attract all kinds of people into your circle. However, as Shauwn has learnt, not everyone is for you. “I had a lot of friends. There were a lot of real and fake friends that I met along the way. When I had my court appearances I had no friends left, only a handful stood by me.”

Now that’s a life lesson she will never forget. Keep up with Shauwn and her family by streaming Kwa Mam’Khize on Showmax, express from Mzansi Magic.

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