Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 8 recap: Olivia ditches Sintamei

7 March 2023

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 8 recap: Olivia ditches Sintamei

Get ready for some explosive drama and epic betrayals! In episode 8, we catch up with the ladies immediately after Olivia overhears Mariah admit to hooking up with her fiance, Rodger. Olivia is furious, and she doesn’t hold back in accusing the trio of betraying her. Heartbroken, she breaks things off with Rodger, who admits to making a mistake but knows it’s unforgivable as far as she’s concerned.

Stacy discovers that Eric has been hiding 3 million in cash in their bedroom cupboard. Eric asks her to keep it safe, insisting it’s for the business, but Stacy can’t resist dreaming of luxurious vacations. However, their financial troubles are far from over when tax officers come knocking on Eric’s restaurant door, demanding to review his financial records. With only one week to file his returns and sort out his tax, Eric decides to hide some of the cash at Rebecca’s place. But when he returns home, he discovers that Stacy has betrayed him and stolen the rest of the money.

Sintamei has a chance encounter with Marcel while on her morning jog, leading to a flirty exchange and a fun date at the tenpin bowling alley. Meanwhile, Rebecca goes on a blind date of her own, but things don’t go as planned when she gets stood up. Fortunately, her lecturer happens to be at the same restaurant and joins her, sparking some unexpected chemistry.

But the real bombshell comes when Olivia decides to terminate her partnership with Sintamei at the law firm and cancels their friendship, even taking her investment with her. The future of Sintamei’s business hangs in the balance, and we can’t help but wonder if this is truly the end of their professional and personal relationship, or if Sintamei will find a way to make things up with Olivia. 

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