Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 9 recap: Rebecca and Edward get intimate

17 March 2023

Single Kiasi Season 2 episode 9 recap: Rebecca and Edward get intimate

In this week’s episode of Single Kiasi, Rebecca finds herself at the centre of attention. After fantasising about her lecturer, Edward, during a lesson, she embarrasses herself in front of the class. However, it’s not all in her head as Edward admits to having feelings for her. Over lunch, they get to know each other better, and later, they get intimate as they talk over the phone. But things really heat up when Rebecca shows up at Edward’s house, ready to play a naughty game of teacher and student…

Steve confronting Sintamei in Single Kiasi S2 episode 9

Meanwhile, Sintamei and Steve present their dual firms to a new client for a chance to handle their portfolio. They make it to the final selection, where two other firms are competing for the same project. However, Steve takes all the credit for coming up with the presentation plan, which upsets Sintamei. Little does she know he has more sinister plans to ruin her firm – and her reputation.

Luckily, it’s not all work and no play for Mei as things progress with Marcel. First he sends her flowers, then he sweeps her off her feet with a passionate first kiss. What’s next from her handsome gym partner?

As for Eric, he’s still struggling to get hold of Stacy, who has taken off with his money. He’s also beginning to realise just how much he misses Rebecca and what he’s lost without her in his life. Will he man up and win her back?

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