Grassroots: Tau’s behavour brings Ms Busika to tears

By Zibuyile Dladla27 August 2019

Grassroots: Tau’s behavour brings Ms Busika to tears

Tau is showing no signs of remorse and is on a mission to make St Sebastians a school filled with drama.

After avoiding a near expulsion for almost killing Monwabisi, you would think that Tau would at least humble himself and be a good student. Sadly, that is not the case as he continues to be a bully and nuisance at school.

In this recent episode, Tau created an explicit video of Ms Busika, which he planned on sending to the entire school as a way to humiliate the principle. But thanks to Monwabisi’s actions, Ms Busika was able to get hold of the video before it went viral.

However, the damage had already been done as a teary Ms Busika confided in Monwabisi and shared how hurt she was that students could be so disrespectful.

Ms Busika and Monwabisi have developed a newfound respect for each other, and if they continue to work at becoming each other’s pillar of strength, bullies like Tau will soon learn how to treat others with the respect they deserve.

Buzwe proposes to Funeka

For the past couple of weeks, nothing has been working in Buzwe’s favour, but for a brief moment, things began to light up for the evil little man.

Asanda finally returned home, which was a pleasant surprise for Buzwe. But his excitement was short-lived after Asanda reveals that the only reason he has returned home is to rectify his father’s abusive behaviour.

It has become quite clear that Buzwe is on a mission of self-destruction. After physically assaulting his wife in last week’s episode, he has now done the unthinkable.

In his aim to deter Funeka’s mission to destroy him, Buzwe has decided that he should ask Funeka’s hand in marriage – a proposal Funeka downright rejected as she is aware of what Buzwe is attempting to do.

Clearly taken aback by his son’s statement, Buzwe quickly comes to realise that he has a lot of introspection to attend to before he loses his family.

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