By Amanda Tremeer10 June 2019

The best series on Showmax in June 2019

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Internet TV means there’s always something to watch. So how do you find the good stuff? One way is to check out the ratings on critics sites like Rotten Tomatoes (RT) and IMDb. Here are the top shows that have come to Showmax in June.

1. Counterpart S2

With a perfect score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.1/10 on IMDb, Counterpart has earned universal praise from critics. It stars JK Simmons, who’s probably best known for playing police psychologist Dr Emil Skoda on Law & Order. He plays Howard, a low-level agent working for the UN who discovers there’s a parallel world where his counterpart is a hot-shot spy. In the second season, there’s ever more crossover between the two worlds, and they are threatening to collide. Watch now »

2. Insecure S3

Issa Rae created and stars in this beloved HBO series about the African-American female experience. Issa and her college bestie, Molly, try to figure out their lives, loves and careers against the backdrop of contemporary Los Angeles. RT: 97%. IMDb: 8.3/10. Watch all three seasons now »

3. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It hasn’t got many superheroes, but this Marvel-lous series has super scores from the critics. Agent Coulson leads the team in investigating strange cases involving creatures, superhumans and terrorists. RT: 95%. IMDb: 7.5/10. Binge the first four seasons now »

4. Big Little Lies S2

Talk about a killer cast. Reece Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz – and now, Meryl Streep. They have six Oscars between them – and they’re on TV! Truly, this is a golden age. In the hit first season, a group of seemingly ordinary wives and moms turn to murder in a bid to protect on of their own. Streep rides into town as a grandmother determined to find out the truth. RT: 94%. IMDb: 8.6/10. Watch now »

5. Patrick Melrose

Benedict Cumberbatch finally got his BAFTA (after seven nominations) for playing Patrick Melrose, a troubled man from a privileged but abusive background. He has to face his demons and addictions to move his life forward. Patrick Melrose was adored by critics. RT: 90%. IMDb 8/2/10. Watch now »

6. The Handmaid’s Tale S3

This heart-wrenching, horrifying series shows a dystopian future where women are enslaved and abused. June, a handmaid bound to bear children for the elite, is determined instead to be a revolutionary and to bring the system crashing down. RT: 86%. IMDb: 8.5/10. Binge the first two seasons, and watch the third explosive season weekly, an episode ahead of DStv. Watch now »

7. Burden of Truth S1-2

As Lana Lang in Smallville, Kirsten Kreuk played the perfect love interest. Now, in Burden of Truth, she plays a hot-shot lawyer who swaps sides from her big pharmaceutical client when she realises their drugs might have affected a group of teen girls. In the second season, she’s hiding out from her past – but it’s going to come back to haunt her. RT: 86%. IMDb: 7.2/10. Watch now »

8. Fortitude S3

If you like your series dark and bleak, this is one for you. On a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic, the calm is shattered by a series of increasingly bizarre incidents. In the third series, things come to a head between the residents of the island and the detectives sent to investigate. RT: 84%. IMDb: 7.4. Watch now »

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