The many times Buzwe dissappointed his family

9 October 2019

The many times Buzwe dissappointed his family

Since the beginning of episode one of Grassroots, Buzwe has consistently succeeded in being the least liked character in the show.

Here are just four of the many occasions on which Buzwe has proven that he doesn’t deserve to be a husband or father.

Preventing his son from excelling in his rugby career

When a father finds out that his son is awarded a rugby scholarship, you would think that he would be happy about his son’s achievement – but not Buzwe. The thought of Asanda living in Johannesburg and playing a sport he neither understands nor likes reveals Buzwe’s true colours.

He attempted several times to convince Asanda to leave Johannesburg and give up rugby but failed dismally after his son gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Planning to be in a polygamous marriage without his wife’s approval

Buzwe and Epainette’s marriage has been on the rocks for quite some time. For the most part, he was an okay husband, but the polygamy stunt he pulled on his wife awarded him the worst husband of the year title, hands down. Without Epainette’s approval or even knowledge, Buzwe asked for Funeka’s hand in marriage, a proposal Funeka downright refused.

Physically assaulting his wife

Furious at her husband’s betrayal, Epainette hit her husband where it hurts with a few words that sent Buzwe into a rage of anger. The anger turned into a physical altercation that saw Epainette on the floor in tears. Shame on you, Buzwe.

Convincing Nolwazi to fall pregnant with Asanda’s child

Now that he no longer has control over his son, Buzwe convinces Asanda’s high school sweetheart, Nolwazi, to fall pregnant. Buzwe blatantly helps orchestrate a teenage pregnancy between two kids who have no business conceiving a child.

Buzwe may think his actions are warranted, but all he’s doing is ripping his family apart.

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