The Mommy Club S1 finale: The end of the road for this friendship?

5 September 2023

The Mommy Club S1 finale: The end of the road for this friendship?

If there’s one thing we’re learning from The Mommy Club, it’s that friends really do come and go. While the ladies have tried to build a solid relationship since the reality series premiered on Showmax this year, they haven’t quite managed to make things work. 

As much as there have been happy moments this season, it seems the bad times have left a lasting impression. On the final episode of the season, the mommies got together to try to resolve some of their issues. The chosen venue for the conversation was a boat ride, hosted by Ratile. 

“Stop being delusional”

First up on the agenda was Nunurai and Omuhle’s situation. Although Omuhle wasn’t there to answer for herself, Nunurai felt the need to give some of the responsibility to Mrs Mops. “You’ve been there from the start, you’ve heard everything that your friend has said,” she said.

The Mommy Club S1 is on Showmax

Nunurai was referring to Omuhle’s comments about Zimbabwe not having satellite TV. She called Mrs Mops out for not putting Omuhle in check and telling her she’s wrong. She added: “Like, are you on the same page? Is that what you believe in also?”.

Mrs Mops couldn’t be bothered and asked Nunurai: “Are you delusional?”.

Nunurai was evidently not pleased with the response. “This woman is asking if I’m delusional. That means she sees no wrong in the statement that Omuhle Gela said,” she concluded. 

Ms Manche chimed in: “Yes, she was wrong … It’s a very ignorant statement.”

Meanwhile, Ratile also had an issue of her own to address. She wanted to know if the ladies have a problem with her. “I’m intentional about being here because I feel like life’s so much easier when you’ve got people around you and you know where you stand. I just want to find out what’s happening in here.” 

Fake friends

The Mommy Club S1 is on Showmax

It seems like no one really has a problem with Ratile. While she and Her Majesty’s last encounter didn’t end well, Her Majesty said simply, “No comment.”

“If I had known that Ratile invited us I wouldn’t have come. There was no need for me to come,” she shared. 

Ratile is now convinced that the friendship with the ladies is non-existent. “At this rate I don’t feel like there was a genuine friendship to begin with because the divide does not make sense.” 

The ladies have come a long way and we can’t help but wonder if they’ll be able to fix their problems. All episodes of The Mommy Club are now available to binge-watch on Showmax.

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