The Mommy Club S1: Nunurai and Omuhle’s situation gets worse

By Zimkhitha31 August 2023

The Mommy Club S1: Nunurai and Omuhle’s situation gets worse

It looks like Nunurai and Omuhle aren’t going to be friends any time soon. The ladies recently had an opportunity to make amends after their last interaction. However, the conversation turned sour and they ended up not apologising to each other. 

The mommies met at Nunurai’s flower event, which was hosted in her house. This was the first time meeting after their big argument a few episodes ago. 

Shallow and untrue comments 

After arriving at the house, Omuhle said: “The last time I saw Nunurai we were heavily intoxicated, it was after a long night of wine. So, we definitely said things that we didn’t mean, things that don’t make sense including myself.” She admitted that her comments on that day “shallow and untrue”. 

When it was time to address the elephant in the room, Nunurai said: “The problem with me is I’m just a free spirit, forgiving.” Omuhle asked what Nunurai was forgiving. “I’m forgiving you on behalf of my country … of everything that you said that night,” Nunurai responded. Omuhle laughed as she didn’t understand why she had to be forgiven.

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Who’s ghetto? 

Nunurai then brought up the fact that Omuhle’s baby daddy issue has been a trending topic and that’s why she brought it up that day. “I just felt like you don’t know me well enough to ask me who I’m sleeping with,” Omuhle told her. 

Verna, Nunurai’s friend, was also in attendance and clearly had a lot to say to Omuhle. She and Nunurai said Omuhle was trending for her baby daddy issue, and not her acting. They even told her to Google herself to see what they were talking about. She refused, of course. Things got uglier and Omuhle labelled the interaction as “ghetto”. 

During a diary session, Nunurai commented: “This same girl that is on the internet, in the blogs in newspaper about all the wrong things … is the same person that is opening her their mouth and saying my friend is ghetto. Okay, so your situation is not ghetto?”.

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She said they let their Instagram followers get to their heads. Ms Manche tried to mediate and spoke some sense to the ladies. She also encouraged them to have the conversation in private. 

The mother of three also said, “I feel like Mrs Mops is so loyal to the core and is not telling her friend that she’s wrong. Omuhle doesn’t see that she’s wrong.”

Unfortunately, the conversation didn’t end well and there was no reconciliation. Mrs Mops, Omuhle and Her Majesty ended up leaving the house.

Will there ever be peace? Keep up with the ladies on The Mommy Club on Showmax. New episodes air every Tuesday.

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