The Mommy Club S2 episode 2 recap: Ms Manche returns

27 February 2024

The Mommy Club S2 episode 2 recap: Ms Manche returns

The record-breaking The Mommy Club is back for a new season and just like in Season 1, the ladies are not holding back. The show features returning queens, Hermajesty, Mrs Mops, Nunurai and Ratile Mabitsela, and two new mommies, Jabulile Sande and Nozipho Ntshangase. 

On the second episode of Season 2 of The Mommy Club, all the ladies met for the first time since the dramatic reunion that left the group divided into two camps. In one camp, you have Hermajesty and Mrs Mops, and in the other camp, you have Nunurai and Ratile with Ms Manche being neutral. And speaking of Ms Manche, she returned in episode 2 to host an event with Nunurai, and to discuss some of the tensions between herself and Hermajesty.

During Nunurai and Ms Manche’s fashion and flowers event, the ladies were treated to a fashion show and a flower-making masterclass. In the midst of all the fabulosity going on, Mrs Mops, Hermajesty and Nozipho stepped aside for a conversation that tugged at the viewers’ heartstrings.

Nozipho, who is a mother of eight, opened up about her struggles with infertility and her IVF journey. “After giving birth to the one who is 13 now, we struggled to have kids for six years, so we did IVF for a good six years and the twins came, and when the twins were three months, Bukhosi came unplanned but we wanted more but he was just like an oopsie,” she explained. 

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During the conversation, Mrs Mops asked Nozipho if she had always wanted a big family. “I do, we actually just tried another cycle now, about two months ago, and then I realised that we were not in the right space to bring another baby but I still want more. I have embryos frozen and hopefully, we resolve the chaos right now.”

Speaking of her situation, Nozipho shared, “To be honest, I have not been able to fill my cup, and it is running on low… My situation at home right now is complicated, mom and dad are working through some issues, mom and dad are working through trust, mom and dad are working through a lot of change.”

Mrs Mops and Hermajesty give Nozipho marriage advice

“If you have been married for a long time, you go through seasons, like one season, you guys are in love and the next thing, you want to rip each other’s heads off and the next thing you are in love again, ” Mrs Mops said.

Hermajesty then went on to say, “Just pray about it, you are a strong woman and you will definitely come through it.”

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Barbra visits Hermajesty and Shalom

In episode 1, Hermajesty and Shalom discussed Ratile’s former helper Barbra and her relationship with Ratile and why she was possibly fired. In episode 2,  Barbra has come to tell her side of the story.

Sitting with Hermajesty and Shalom, Barbra detailed how she lost her job. “I just woke up one day and papa asked me about a wallet and I said no, I have not seen it. He then said, come sit down and let’s talk, he said, ‘Barbra, you are no longer working like you used to work’,” she explained. 

“What hurts me most is that I worked for them for seven-and-a-half years. I was doing everything, I was looking after the babies, I was cleaning the house, I was doing extra work not because I was asking them to pay me, it was out of the heart. I was part of the family.” 

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Hermajesty and Ms Manche iron out their issues 

Hermajesty and Ms Manche met up for a private shopping experience for Hermajesty’s youngest daughter’s birthday. During their outing, the ladies discussed the status of their relationship.

Hermajesty felt like Ms Manche had not been a good friend to her because there were certain things she did not share with her. “You bored me, I will go back to the event that I was invited to with Nunurai, you did not invite me, I was so shocked that you are part of it and a bit of me was extremely disappointed because we talk and you do not tell me that you have an event.” 

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In the conversation, Ms Manche apologised for not letting Hermajesty know about the event. “I am so sorry for not telling you but I really wanted it to be a surprise and I did not want to make it more than what it is, it was just about fashion and flowers.” 

Hermajesty and Ms Manche ended their conversation with an understanding of where they stand as friends. “It was so nice catching up with Ms Manche, I really enjoyed it and meeting her made me realise how much I miss her.” 

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