The Mommy Club S2 episode 3 recap: The party that never was

5 March 2024

The Mommy Club S2 episode 3 recap: The party that never was

The second season of The Mommy Club is bigger and better than before and just  like the first season, the mommies are bringing a lot of personal stories, drama, opulence and all things motherhood. 

Season 2 features Hermajesty, Jabulile Sande, Mrs Mops, Nozipho Zulu, Nunurai and Ratile Mabitsela as they take us through their lives and show us the ups and downs of being a mother and a woman.

On the third episode of Season 2 of The Mommy Club, Hermajesty invited the ladies and their children to celebrate her daughter’s third birthday party, but the party didn’t happen because she was not impressed with how the event planner put everything together and feared that the other mommies would judge her. 

Speaking to Mrs Mops about why she cancelled, an emotional Hermajesty shared that the party was not the standard of event that she would be proud of hosting. “I am not happy, it is not even about the money, it is about my daughter’s birthday.”

Mrs Mops feels like Hermajesty is overreacting by cancelling the party because she does not see anything wrong with the decor. “I am here for Paris and you, it is about the kids, it is about Paris. If the judgemental moms want to judge, then let them judge.” 

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Hermajesty, Mrs Mops and Nozipho discuss Ratile and Barbra

In a different scene, Hermajesty, Mrs Mops, their nannies and children visit Nozipho’s house for the first time. During their meet-up, Hermajesty informs the ladies of the conversation she had with Barbra: “Remember I told you that I was going to hire Barbra since she is doing curtains – Ratile said she is now a boss babe who makes curtains and I was so happy for her … So I was with her, she came to my house to take measurements and to my surprise, Barbra said she is not doing curtains, she has no job, she was fired by Ratile”

Hermajesty then went on to explain, “I called her to do measurements and when she got there, she told me she is not doing curtains, she said there is no such and she was shocked when her boss said she was doing curtains and she could not react because she was stunned.” 

Nozipho shared that she is taking what Barbra is saying with a pinch of salt because she has also been in situations like that before. “The situation with Ratile’s helper being fired without a reason… I have helpers so I do not know, I really do not know. I am taking what the helper is saying with a pinch of salt because I have been in a situation like that where it does not add up.”

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The ladies jet off to The Mount Grace 

Mrs Mops invites the ladies on a five-star vacation away from the families and busy schedules at Mount Grace to just unwind and get some quiet time from the kids and their responsibilities. “Today is the day of the trip I have been organising for weeks now for the ladies to go and bond at Mount Grace in Magalies,” she shared. 

Speaking of what her expectations for the trip are, Nunurai said, “on this trip, I am just expecting fun times, a luxe experience, a lot of shots, a lot of cocktails, a lot of bubbles.”

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